Obama's Notre Dame Speech

Obama was once again very smooth and charismatic giving his Notre Dame Commencement speech. He spent a long time tackling the sensitive abortion issue and I thought he did a good job. He asked for supporters on both sides of the issue to disagree respectfully. He pledged to reduce the number of abortions by making adoption easier. He said a lot of the right things. It once again reminded me of his campaign. During the Democratic primary against Clinton he said the right things to appease the liberal left. He bashed and blamed NAFTA for U.S. jobs moving overseas and pledged to stop the Iraq War immediately. During the Presidential campaign against McCain, he conveniently moved himself to the center. His view on the Iraq War became more moderate. He flip flopped on FISA, the surveillance act, to show moderates he can be tough on terrorism. He had a centrist view on nearly all critical issues. During the campaign I warned people not to get too caught up in the Obama rhetoric. Yes, he does a nice job giving mesmerizing speeches laced with nothing more than mumbo jumbo and political jargon. In other words, his speeches lacked actual substance. If he did make a point, it was generally opposite of his voting record. During the campaign Obama claimed he could bridge our national divide. He did it again while talking about abortion at his Notre Dame Commencement speech. However, once Obama stepped into office he has been one of the most divisive and polarizing Presidents in U.S. history. He “cherry picked” torture memos to release. He bashed his predecessor every chance he has gotten, something no other President has ever done. He has mocked and ridiculed Republicans and Tea Party protesters that do not see eye to eye with his view. And his policies are not even remotely moderate, they are the most leftist policies since LBJ and FDR. Before he is done he will make LBJ and FDR look like penny pinching capitalists. His spending agenda on social programs and the take over of businesses in the private sector is the biggest power grab of our time. Now, Obama is trying to say the right things about abortion. He is trying to show he has a moderate view on abortion and is sitting on the fence. However, his record on abortion is very clear and very liberal. As I begged people prior to the Presidential election to check out Obama’s voting record instead of listening solely to his rhetoric, I am pleading with people to once again look at Obama’s record on abortion. He has stated his biggest litmus test to select a Supreme Court Justice is one that will uphold Roe v. Wade. That is not only reckless, but a very narrow view of our Constitutional Law.


Do not get me wrong, I can respect people and their positions on policies even if I do not agree with them. However, I get fed up with Obama and politicians flip flopping on issues when it is convenient. In other words they are nothing more than liars supporting hypocrisy. I may not agree with Obama’s policies, but I would at least respect the man if we were truthful on where he stands on issues. Obama’s campaign was nothing more than deception to try to get independents to vote for him. I bet if he was honest and said he believed in big government and they should bailout and run every troubled major U.S. industry, he would not have done as well. If we have to put up with a socialist, can we at least have a truthful one?


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