Who Will Benefit from the Global Warming Tax?

Most conservatives are now calling the newly proposed cap and trade policies as the global warming tax. I know many liberals are irate at big businesses across America. They are agitated by how much profit the oil companies are raking in. They are angered by the high salaries of CEO’s. My question to the liberals is will they be consistent with their views and target their anger towards those individuals and companies that benefit from government interference in the private sector with its new global warming tax? I am willing to bet they will be hypocrites and look the other way. I do not have any problem with any companies and individuals enjoying business success. This is the American and capitalistic society dream. Hopefully, their success will lead to job opportunities and economic growth. That being said, I do have a problem with companies enjoying success do to government interference. Today, there are over 2000 climate change or global warming lobbyist in Washington. That is 4 lobbyists for every congressman. That is 10 times as many lobbyist’s as big oil corporations employ in Washington. Just as the left accused the government of being bought out by big oil companies and their lobbyist, I wonder if they will consistently accuse climate change lobbyist of the same. If the left feels there is a conspiracy between big oil lobbyist and Washington politicians, they must certainly think there is also a conspiracy between climate change lobbyist and Washington politicians.


General Electric, the parent owner of the liberal left wing MSNBC propaganda news show, is one company that will benefit greatly from the global warming tax. General Electric makes many eco-friendly energy products such as wind turbines and ironically wind power is the Obama administration’s main choice of renewable energy sources. This is true, despite the fact that solar and nuclear energy are far more cost efficient options for clean energy. The one individual who stands to make the most money from the global warming tax is Al Gore. Since he retired from the Senate 8 years ago his wealth has gone up by 50 times and his net worth is now over 100 million dollars. Al Gore stands to be the first global warming tycoon to be a billionaire within the next decade if the global warming tax is passed. Are liberal going to show their distain and anger at Al Gore and GE as they have for oil companies and their CEO’s? I doubt it. As I said earlier I have no problem with a people and companies making a lot of money. That is their ultimate goal. My only problem is when people and companies make money from government intervention. In any event, I do not think Al Gore and GE are evil. I sincerely believe they really think they can help the environment. Thus, I do not think their motives are all about money. So I am not going to make a fuss over who gets wealthy from the global warming tax. At the same time, I feel liberals should not be making a fuss over the success of other companies and individuals in the private sector. Unfortunately, this country is loaded with unreasonable people that are not willing to compromise. Hence, we have a divided nation because Americans cannot reason consistently and rationally. All of this being said; I am personally against the global warming tax for other reasons that are outlined in my previous blog on cap and trade.  

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