The Power Grab (Part II)

I got a lot of grief for this statement in yesterday’s blog:


Just as Republicans used 9/11 to push their agenda in 2001, Obama is using the economic recession to push his liberal and somewhat socialistic agenda through Congress


As a fiscal conservative, a power grab means a larger government with increased spending. It also means government interference in the private sector. This is my definition and maybe everyone else has a different one. Maybe I am delusional, but Bush increased government spending and was even supporting corporate bailouts near the end of his 2nd term (TARP – interference in the private sector). Yes, I agree that the Bush increase in spending for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars was justified to keep us safe. This is certainly more justified than Obama’s bailouts and social program spending. I spend a great deal of time defending the Iraq War in my book and give many reasons why it was the right thing to do even after no WMD’s were found. However, many fiscal conservatives were disappointed that Bush did very little to decrease spending in other areas. For example, I love the space program, but continued spending for a mission back to the moon or Mars may have to be put on hold until spending for the wars is under control. Bush and the Republicans had 5 years of power after 9/11 and Bush had an additional two years to cut spending to help pay for the Wars but failed to do so. Personally, I feel this really hurt the Republican brand. After all, I would be a hypocrite to criticize Obama spending and just look the other way when Bush increased spending such as with TARP. Face it, Bush was a big spending Republican and to me that was a power grab.


Other comments to yesterday’s post suggest how could Bush have abused his power when he let Democrats like Ted Kennedy write the educational bill. The fact that Bush signed the educational bill into law and increased spending is a power grab to me. Why didn’t he veto the bill? Bush, failed to use the power of veto to send a message to Congress and cut spending. This would have been a better way to use his power. I still have to give credit to Bush for not raising our taxes despite his huge deficit spending.