The Power Grab

In my book I specifically write about how people behave when they obtain a position of authority. Do people behave the same, or do they let their authoritative power change their behavior for the worse? I believe most people abuse their authority and change for the worse. Authoritative positions can be government leaders, corporate managers, and even everyday people like police officers. I also believe most people strive for authoritative positions to satisfy their ego. Common criminals abuse power such as pedophiles and people who abuse their spouse by preying on weaker individuals. I have seen the abuse of power in the corporate world and political leaders are no different. Every time a political party takes control of both the White House and Congress we see a power grab. Clinton did it in 1992 when he was first elected and it cost the Democrats dearly the next election cycle and they lost control of Congress. Bush did the same thing in 2000 and by 2006 the Republicans lost control of Congress. Now it is Barack Obama’s turn for the power grab and he is not wasting any time. Just as Republicans used 9/11 to push their agenda in 2001, Obama is using the economic recession to push his liberal and somewhat socialistic agenda through Congress. Obama’s policies are so over zealous that even European socialistic states are condemning his spending policies. How come we never learn from our previous mistakes? It is simple, power makes people giddy and they want to satisfy their ego and make sure they are remembered in history. People cannot have enough power, we always strive for more. People abuse their power simply by manipulating people and the situation to their advantage. What the Obama Administration is currently doing is no different. They are trying to manipulate the American public by telling us without universal health care the economy will continue to be bad. This is a lie and fear mongering to push more spending to achieve the administrations lofty goals.


What can be done to quell this type of behavior? Unfortunately, I do not think anything can be done to solve this problem. People thrive to have the control over people and situations. Once someone abuses their power there is no turning around. People will continue to push the envelope to see how much they can get away with. People have this yearning desire to be great and satisfy their ego and will do whatever necessary to get ahead. Once the ego manifests itself into a super ego bad things will happen such as the greed and corruption we have seen on Wall Street as well as all the scandals we see in our government. Madoff, Blagojevich, Stevens, Enron Execs, Dodd, Rangel, Fannie and Freddie Execs, and so forth are examples of people abusing their power at the expense of the common man. If Obama and his cronies such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi continue to get their way, they too will be susceptible to criminal behavior to satisfy their insatiable egos.


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