White House Aide Caldera Resigns

White House Aide Louis Caldera has resigned following the Air Force One photo-op fiasco over New York City. That incident panicked hundreds of residence and brought back bad images of 9/11. Caldera ran the White House Military Office and took responsibility for the incident. To be honest, I am shocked that Caldera resigned since there was very little backlash from the media over the incident. Personally, I think he was fired, and rightfully so. In my blog earlier this week, I compared this incident to the how the left viewed Bush’s policy on torture. According to the definition of torture, the Air Force One photo-op could easily be viewed as torture on New York City residence. After all, it instilled panic and fear and residence feared for their lives. In another blog, I pointed out the waste of tax payer money to do this photo-op. The Obama administration said it cost the taxpayers about 350K. I bet it cost a bunch more than that. These figures only show the cost of using Air Force One. It does not count the cost of the F16 fighters. It certainly does not count the cost of the lost productivity as thousands of workers ran from their offices to flee what they feared was another 9/11 attack. This waste of taxpayer money is totally inappropriate at any time, let alone during a recession. When Obama appointed Caldera to the post he said he was the most qualified person for the job. Caldera actually has very little experience to run the Military Office post. He did serve as Secretary of the Army under Clinton for two years. Aside from his Secretary of the Army post and graduating from the U.S. Military Academy and 5 years of military service, he has very little experience to run such a prominent post. His military experience was far more inferior than any other person that has run this post in the past. Most people that run the Military Office post have spent their entire working careers serving in the military in some capacity. I think Obama saw the error of his ways and was able to see that Caldera really was not qualified for the job and was in over his head. Thus, Obama asked him to resign. Besides, this was huge blunder and if there were not any consequences for this mistake, it would surely give the right ammunition to go after Obama in 2012.  


In other news, government run Fannie Mae has asked for another 19 billion in taxpayer bailout money. I find it ironic that the government wants to regulate and even run the financial industry on Wall Street, however they can not even run Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government provided absolutely no regulation or oversight over these financial giants that held nearly half of all mortgage notes in this country. This demonstrates the power grab and the hypocrisy of the Obama administration. Finally, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi backing off her comments of an outright denial that she knew anything about the Bush administration’s intent to use potential torture on enemy combatants. I am now convinced that she was in the know. Once again this is another display of leftist hypocrisy. Pelosi has been calling for the prosecution of Bush and Cheney while she did not do anything to stop what she is now calling torture.


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