Obama is a National Defense Menace (Part III)

Looking closer at the 17 billion dollars in budget cuts proposed by Obama, half were in defense. I am sure there is plenty of waste in defense spending. In my corporate engineering days I worked on militarized integrated circuits for defense applications. We simply took commercial integrated circuits and tested them over a wider temperature range and put the product in a more expensive hermetic package. For this effort, we sold the products to defense contractors for literally 10 to 100 times the cost of the commercial product. On many products we got over 99% gross profit margins. I am sure the military contractors could use cheaper industrial grade integrated circuits and save billions on certain projects. I know the government got wise in the 90s and relaxed guidelines on some of the more stringent integrated circuits called “Joint Army and Navy” (JAN). These products had to be manufactured completely in the U.S. The government soon realized they could save billions by having the products tested overseas. My point is there is waste and places to trim government sponsored defense budgets without cutting projects. This could be accomplished simply by buying equivalent but cheaper products, optimizing the manufacturing process, and more efficiency. I know it is probably an oxymoron stating the government and cheaper, optimizing, and efficiency in the same sentence. However, it can be done, I know because I have worked on my government defense projects and saw the waste.


I really have no problem with Obama cutting his helicopter fleet, I agree with this. I am not even going to make a big fuss over the F22 cuts, although from what I hear the project is nearly complete. I do not think I am being completely unreasonable. However, I do have a problem with Obama cutting other defense projects such as missile defense. I think he is trying to follow the Bill Clinton model of balancing the budget. To do so, Clinton cut a lot of defense spending. However, Clinton was not fighting two large wars, he did not have the terrorist threat we have today, nor did he have a growing number of rogue nations threatening the world with nuclear weapons (Iran and North Korea). This is not the time and place to make these cuts, it is too risky. Yes, in reality probably nothing drastic will happen, but you really do not want to get caught with your pants down if something serious arises. The savings to risk ratio to cut these projects simply does not make sense and it is quite frankly reckless. I do not have too much of a problem with Obama trying to befriend everyone in the world, as long as he is not being too naïve and letting his guard down. I think some his proposed cuts in the defense budget are showing his naivety and he is in fact letting his guard down. When Biden said the world would test the meddle of this man, I am thinking more and more that Biden was right. As the world sees Obama let his guard down on defense issues, someone will try to test him and see what he is made of. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but to think there are not sinister people in this world that want to do harm to U.S. citizens is once again the wrong mind set. When making cuts in the defense budget one must assess the spending savings versus the risk. If North Korea nukes Japan or our west coast because we did not upgrade our Alaska missile defense system, well that is not worth a few billions in savings, is it! After all, it is best to be prudent and distrustful than trustworthy and dead.


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