The Obama Hypocrisy Continues

Obama announced today he wants to cut 17 billion dollars from the national budget. Obama said all along he would go over the budget line by line and eliminate programs that are not working and cut waste. I guess we cannot accuse Obama for not keeping this campaign promise, but it falls far short of addressing our budget and deficit issues. His savings amounts to a miniscule 0.5% of our national budget. Yes, every bit matters, but he is going to have to make a bigger dent in the budget than this. Here is what bothers me about these proposed budget cuts:


  1. Obama was quick to tell John McCain that his earmark reform during the Presidential debates would only save the budget 18 billion dollars and was not a big enough “fish to fry”. So what does Obama propose: 17 billion in budget cuts! This is hypocrisy at its best. This is especially true coming from Obama who was one of the leading earmark offenders racking up over 1 million dollars in earmark spending per day in Congress.
  2. Obama was quick to blame G.W. Bush for his deficit spending while Bush pushed for many of these same cuts that Congress denied. Once again this is hypocrisy and arrogance at its best. What makes Obama think he is going to get Congress to agree to these cuts? After all, these cuts that are tied to many high-ranking congressional Democrats such as Byrd and Feinstein.
  3. A savvy businessman would have been looking for and implementing budget cuts before introducing trillions in new spending. Any corporate CEO would have bankrupt their business following the wasteful and hypocritical financial model used by Congress. Congress is quick to point out that spending was necessary to get the economy moving. Once again this is hypocritical because most of the stimulus spending will not happen this year! Each congressman in favor of the stimulus should have been forced to make concessions in current spending they favor. This obviously did not happen.
  4. Obama continuously acts without a plan and this is exactly what he criticized Bush for in Iraq. Spending trillions without a viable plan on how to reduce debt is a disaster waiting to happen for future generations of Americans. Also, Obama tried to get Congress to approve an additional 80 billion dollars to take care of the detainees from Gitmo. Congress rightly rejected this without a plan. Obama’s arrogance to appease the left and his so called morally superior conscience to close Gitmo without a plan is no different than what he criticized Bush for in the past. In other words, nothing seems to change.


Obviously, when cutting expenses, there are a lot of tough choices and it is not going to make everyone happy. That being said, it is difficult to be the President and they have to make tough choices. If Obama cannot convince his Democratic majority constituents in Congress to cut the budget more than 17 billion, he is failing.


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