Why is Miss California a Villain?

Miss California lost a chance to be Miss America because she truthfully answered a question. A gay judge asked Miss California’s opinion on gay marriage and she replied that she believes marriage should be between a man and women. This unfortunately cost her a shot at being Miss America. This is what disturbs me about this whole incident.


  1. This should not have even been a national news incident.
  2. It is ridiculous to make a villain out of a person that is telling the truth. Too many people will say the politically correct thing just to win. Miss California should be commended for answering the question truthfully. If the liberal gay rights people want a villain, they should take their anger out on Obama. He is now the most prominent figure against gay marriage in the country.
  3. The gay judge’s (Hilton) response to Miss California’s answer was even more disturbing. He berated her and used his bias to make sure she did not win. I am not against gay marriage as long as the people in each individual state ratify it. I have said this before and I will say it again, gay rights activist are often their own worst enemy. Hilton’s ugly response once again illustrated the fanatical and irrational behavior many gay rights activist display. Gay rights activist protesting at churches and showing public acts of affection turns me off to their cause. I think they would make more progress if the protested in a respectful manner. Hence, if you can make a villain out of Miss California, we can certainly make a villain out of the numerous irrational and fanatical gay rights activist. Why isn’t this done? Simply because it is a double standard.
  4. The liberal media’s response to demonize Miss California is further disturbing. Her stance on gay marriage is actually the consensus in this country. I do not understand how they can parade her on national television and say she is evil. She only gave her opinion, it is only an opinion and that should not be a crime in this great country to ruin a young girl’s reputation. Once again, if the liberal media wants a villain they should turn their attention to Obama. If Miss California is a bigot, then so too is their liberal savior Obama!

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