Should We Indict Obama for Torture?

My definition of torture is unfair or unjust treatment that insights panic and the fear of death or results in death. Under my definition, the Bush Administration did torture a few enemy combatants. However, I still believe it is better to violate the rights of a few to save the rights of thousands, so I do not have any problem with what the Bush administration did. Especially since we now know that torture did save American lives and the Bush administration followed proper protocol to implement torture. First, torture was only to be used after all other means had been exhausted. Second, they informed Congress so they would be clear of their intentions. Third, they sought approval from the courts and lawyers. Fourth, they administered their “enhanced methods” under controlled conditions to make sure the combatants did not die. It is not as if the Bush Administration was trying to cover up anything. The only reason they wanted their methods to remain a secret was to protect our troops that are in harms way. If our enemy found out what their prisoners were facing in U.S. custody, then captured American troops would certainly face torture. Unfortunately, liberals and the media leaked these practices to condemn Bush with little regards for our soldiers. Many presidential administrations have used torture. FDR imprisoned over a hundred thousand Japanese Americans during WWII and tortured many. They lived in harsh conditions that led to the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans. Harry Truman dropped the atomic bomb and incinerated two Japanese cities killing and maiming tens of thousands of innocent civilians. I am sure other war time presidents such as LBJ and Nixon tortured prisoners to extract information. Obama says he will not torture enemy combatants however; he did torture U.S. Citizens with his “fly by” of Air Force I over New York City. According my definition of torture, the “fly by” act instilled panic and the fear of death into hundreds of screaming and running New Yorkers. Dozens called 9-1-1 to report what they felt was another impending catastrophe. Yes, maybe we can say that Bush tortured a handful of terrorists that had American blood on their hands. On the other hand, Obama tortured thousands of American citizens which there only crime was being in the wrong place two times in their lives. Sure, Obama and his administration did not intend for this happen. However, should insensitivity, stupidity, naivety, and incompetence be an excuse for what happened? Absolutely not! Bush tortured people who probably figured they were going to be tortured for information. Obama tortured thousands of his own citizens he swore to protect who had no earthly idea the “fly by” was coming. I would take Bush’s form of torture over Obama’s any time. At least Bush was applying torture to keep American citizens safe while Obama’s form of torture on its citizens was nothing more then uncalled for and moronic behavior. Can we finally move on and drop this torture vendetta against Bush. I am certainly willing to look the other way ignore that Obama tortured New Yorkers.


Heck, I can make an extreme argument that entitlement social programs are a form of torture. Yes, welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid certainly help the poor stay alive, but what do these programs do to ensure a better a life for them and their children? Absolutely nothing! These programs do not get the poor out of poverty. These programs do not revive the slums they live in. These programs do not improve the poor’s education or prospects of getting a good job. These programs do not even guarantee good medical help or decent meals. These programs only help keep the poor alive to endure addictions, crime, and living conditions not fit for many zoo animals. It is sad, but many people that qualify for entitlement help in our urban cities are only kept alive to endure the torture of a decaying environment and the demise of friends and family at the hands of inner city stress and pressures. Our crumbling inner cities are evidence of the failure of entitlement social programs.