Obama's Anti-American Rhetoric

I for one am tired of the President Obama apologizing for past U.S. behavior as he did while he was in Europe. Obama tried to rally French and German support as he told their citizens that America had acted poorly over the past decade. If we are going to live in the past, maybe we should bring up WWII and how America saved the French from German aggression. I personally do not care if the Germans and French do not like us. I worked at a large global U.S. company and they had plants in many European locations. In fact, I had bosses located in Norway, Germany, and France during my employment. The people in these plant locations not only felt they were superior intellectually to the American worker, they also felt they were also superior with their liberal philosophies. A day did not pass that I did not hear how great they were and how Americans are stupid barbarians. Believe me the European superior attitude gets old fast. Now our President is apologizing for me. I find this behavior appalling and completely unnecessary. What did Obama get for all of his groveling to the French and Germans – Nothing! They will not support Obama or the American effort in Afghanistan. They will not support our economic sanctions against rogue nations such as Iran or North Korea. Obama will learn quickly what Bush learned – The United States cannot count on any European or U.N. support to fight terrorism. After the U.S. got attacked on 9/11, the world turned their backs on the U.S. Imagine if the U.S. turned their backs on the world during WWI and WWII? What if the U.S. turned their backs on countries that have been battered by natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis? More times than not the U.S. is there to help countries in need, but how quickly the rest of the so called idealistically superior world forgets. So I for one am tired of our President criticizing our country. If the President is that embarrassed to be an American, he can pack his bags and move to Europe where he is so enamored by their finicky citizens. The trend of the Obama Administration apologizing to other countries for American behavior continued last week when Secretary of State Clinton apologized to Mexico because she blamed U.S. drug use as the cause of Mexico’s instability. I was surprised she did not blame the U.S. for not allowing more illegal Mexicans from crossing the boarder.
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One April 4th headline on Yahoo stated: German and France Embrace Obama’s Afghanistan Plan. What was missing in the headline is that they refused to help. By that same measure Germany and France embraced Bush’s Iraq invasion since they refused to help. The media continues to make this man out to be a God.