Obama Turns His Back On African-Americans

Why did Barack and Congress agree to halt the Washington DC educational voucher program? The program gave $7,500 dollars annually to African-American families to attend private or Parochial schools instead of the failing public system in DC. The program had been a success judging by graduation rates and test scores. It was very popular with the kids and families that were given the opportunity. I can understand halting the program if it were not working. I can understand halting the program if the Obama administration had an alternative plan. However, this is not the case. Obama and Congress axed the program that was started by Republicans. Even when Obama debated McCain before the 2008 election he conceded to McCain that the DC voucher program was an education success story. So why would Obama and the so called party for minorities end a successful educational program? The reason is money. Yes, Obama, the man that said he would end “politics as usual in Washington” caved in to money and the Teachers Union. The Teachers Union was against this program and as it turns out they donated over 50 million dollars to Democrat politicians including Obama. Obama, who said he would not have lobbyist in his administration because they can be susceptible to corruption and form biased decisions. Well, what makes the action of caving into a Union any different than caving into a lobbyist or special interest group that represents a corporation? It is not different, because it is all about money. So when Obama gave his educational plan during the election he was being two-faced. He said he would hold teachers accountable – how is that possible if he caves in to the Teachers Union. He said the DC voucher system was working – but he cancelled it. He said he would reach out to minorities to help them get a better education – but his first educational decision is to turn his back on the education of young African-Americans. Obama is no different than any other sleazy politician doing what is best for them and not what is best for the people they represent. Where is the African-American outrage? I have not heard anything from the so called civil rights leaders – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I bet if a Republican President or Congress ended the program there would be protests in DC calling them racist and bigots. I really wish that African-Americans would learn that liberals are not always on their side and conservatives are not against them. The irony here is that Obama is kicking young African-American youths out of the school his kids are attending. I wonder how Obama would feel if his kids were forced into the abysmal DC public school system and the government turned their backs on his family? I also wonder why CNN or MSNBC fail to mention the end of DC vouchers?

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