Tea Party Observations

There were two main complaints by the people that attended any one of the numerous Tea Parties around the country: Spending and Taxes. I talk about both of these in my book “Is America Dying?” extensively. Let’s briefly address a few of the solutions I talk about in my book:Spending – Redundancy is a good thing in activities such as rock climbing. It is good to have back up knots and protection in case one piece of protection fails. In a life or death situation, redundancy is good. However, for government spending redundancy may as well be a four letter word because it leads to waste. I doubt any one would be surprised to find out there are over a two dozen federal social programs that deal with teen pregnancy. I also doubt any one would be surprised to hear there are over 100 programs serving at risk youth, or 90 early development programs to name a few. I am certainly not saying they are all bad programs, but there has got be over lap and waste. If many of these programs were consolidated Obama may be able to pay for his spending agenda without raising taxes. This and other federal spending debacles are talked about in my book.

Taxes – I was happy to see most of the people at the Tea Parties were pushing the Fair Tax and that is what I support and talk about in great detail in my book. The Fair Tax is nothing more then a national sales tax similar to state sales taxes. Not only does the Fair Tax kill the IRS, it helps this country in other ways. Americans can finally reap the benefits from black market criminal activity such as drugs and prostitution because the Fair Tax will take money away from the bad guys. It would also help alleviate the immigration problem since illegal aliens would be forced to pay taxes and it could deter them from coming to the U.S. This is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about the benefits of the Fair Tax. There is much more detail about these subjects in my book.

Here are a few general observations about the Tea Parties:

I really wish I saw this conservative enthusiasm during the 2008 election cycle. It did not seem that conservatives were energized at all. I was very energized during this last election cycle. For me, all it took was to view the Obama far left voting record and I knew we could be doomed as a nation trying to support his liberal agenda.

I did not notice many minorities at these rallies: Asian, Hispanic, or African-Americans. The conservative movement will need to find a way to attract more minorities to vote their way. This crippled the Republicans during the 2008 election cycle. Conservatives have to remove the stigma that they are against minorities (I know this is not true). Hopefully this is where GOP leader Michael Steele can help. Minorities, especially Hispanics, are the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. and conservatives need to pull at least 40% of their vote.

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