Obama's Change: A Step Backwards

The analysis of Congressional leadership yields many similarities when compared to corporate Wall Street leaders who have brought about the financial meltdown. Who ever came up with the word “Congress” really provided us with a clever play on words and foreshadowing. If “progress” means forward movement, then logic would dictate that “Congress” should mean backwards movement. Backwards movement would be an excellent way to describe our present day Congress and our government leadership. It is also ironic that the 2008 Presidential election is the first ever to ever pit two current sitting Senators. What makes this ironic is that the American public has given our congressional leaders only a twenty-two percent approval rating. So then, why nominate two congressional cronies to be the next President? It makes absolutely no sense and once again shows how ignorant the American public has become. It shows how easily the American public can be brainwashed by Barack Obama’s mesmerizing, but substance lacking speeches or Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s overrated experience.

Obama’s platform of “Change” also illustrates how easily the American people can be manipulated and brainwashed. Struggling Americans are flocking to Obama’s message because it provides them hope that someone will take care of them. However, if any one believes that an Obama White House will be any different from his recent predecessors is sadly mistaken. Obama claims he can make changes because he can unite Americans. Unfortunately, if you look at his record and listen to his speeches he is no different than any other politician. First, Obama is the most liberal Senator and has not shown much in terms of crossing the isle to work with Republicans on legislation during his short tenure in Congress. People are delusional if they feel a person that is the furthest left in Congress is going to be successful to bring people to the center. Secondly, Obama lives in the past and plays the blame and fear monger game as well as any politician. This is what you need to do to get elected, but he fails to demonstrate more forward looking or strategic vision. He blames the Iraq War on everyone else. Maybe it is not his fault, but how is blaming everyone going to resolve the crisis in the future? It is not, it is only going to create more tension and division amongst both Democrats and Republicans. He has yet to admit to ever making mistake since being in Congress (like all candidates), thus he has the super ego complex. People with the super ego complex cannot compromise and unite people. He also uses fear monger tactics on the American public by convincing them that their economic situation is only going to get worse if he is not elected. His manipulation of the American public is no different than any other politician, but he seems to be the best at it since Bill Clinton. The Obama White House will not change anything. Things will be just as The Who song goes: “Here is to the new boss, same as the old boss”. The truth of the situation is that the President’s power is limited and to be effective it must rely on support from an already divided Congress. Face it, there is absolutely nothing unique proposed in all the Obama rhetoric and worse yet he has very little substance in his message to indicate how he plans to meet his objectives. He plans to sit down with our enemies and use diplomacy to overcome our differences. This is straight out of Jimmy Carter’s failed foreign policy in the 1970s. His domestic policy rhetoric send a message that is anti-corporation, higher taxes for the rich, lower taxes for the poor, and universal health care. This sounds like any liberal Democrat running for President since the Great Depression. There is nothing new in his message and agenda so what makes everyone think he will succeed where all his predecessors failed. He will need more than words and charisma to achieve his goals. That is why the likely end result will be a continuation of failed promises and division amongst Americans. It is not surprising that most of Obama’s supporters are young Americans who did not live through the Jimmy Carter era or felt the wrath of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and his social programs that we are still paying for. Unfortunately, most of these young supporters of Obama probably never did well in history class (Oh wait, the chances are that their history teacher was a liberal biased clown that helped brainwash their young minds).

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