American Should Take America Back

If you are mad as hell about the direction this country is heading, I suggest you read this article. I am going to post this article at least once a week and hopefully it gets some traction. 


Glenn Beck did have a town hall meeting with ordinary Americans on his show last Friday. Let’s hope he continues to do this every so often (at least once a month). So Beck is off the boycott list, at least for the time being.


Every pundit talking about politics (media, politician, actors, etc.) refers to the “American People”. I hear this phrase dozens of times every day. It as if everyone is not only talking for me, but they also think they understand me. It is asinine to talk about one topic and classify everyone in the same category: The American People. Every American is different with vastly different viewpoints. All of these pundits think they understand the common man. They are all being arrogant and misguided. Since when is the viewpoint of the common man ever conveyed on television or in the news? It is very rare if it happens at all. Look at all the political programs on TV and who they have on their shows. They have politicians, media pundits, Hollywood stars, sports stars, or other wealthy and famous businessmen or people. Who is really speaking for the common man? No one!


Because I felt my opinions and concerns were not being addressed I wrote my own book outlining my views (Is America Dying?). Every person in America has a story to tell and they should do it. Although I am still being ignored, at least it was therapeutic to get everything off my chest. I tried writing to news shows and to politicians and my requests and questions are not addressed. Interestingly though, I have had a few sports columnist write me back in some debates and the only time I get something back from the news stations or politicians is if I write them something favorable. When that happens they write me back with a form letter and thank me for my support. Thus, I know they are getting and reading my questions and concerns, they simply choose to ignore them. I sent a few people a signed copy of my book and did not even get a thank you or a not interested response. We must face facts, the media, politicians, and celebrities are out of touch with Americans and we should put a stop to them talking for us. I for one am tired of hearing ignorant people continually say what they feel the “The American People” want and what they feel we are concerned about. They are all clueless.


It reminds me of my corporate days when I was banned from meetings, round table discussions, and taking surveys because I was too critical and asked too many questions. Thus, I was viewed as pessimist and non believer instead of person who was simply concerned. In essence, managers, media pundits, and politicians really only care about those Americans that 100 percent agree with their beliefs or concerns. And they are mistaken to think all Americans feel the same way.


Thus, I am proposing a BOYCOTT of all major news network programs until they start inviting the common man on their shows. I say no more Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Olbermann, Maddow, Campbell Brown, Couric, 60 Minutes, and so on until they start inviting the common man on their shows instead of ignorant movie stars and sport stars that think they understand our problems. No viewership means no revenue for our elitist media stars. Maybe they should start to feel what it is like to be ignored. 


If politicians do not meet our demands we should vote them out in 2010 regardless of political affiliation. Here is a list of my demands:

1.     Term Limits to all Congressional members and Judges

2.     It should be illegal to increase the Federal Deficit and there needs to be a plan for the federal government to start operating a surplus. Only fiscally responsible politicians should be in Washington.

3.     Congressmen, Presidents, and Judges should not be paid to represent the people. It should be a privilege.

4.     Each Congressman and Judge as well as the President needs to reduce spending in their Administration by at least 40%

5.     No more tax increases of any kind on any American People

6.     Lower Corporate Taxes

7. No more government bailouts or interference in the private sector.

8. No more earmarks.