Friday's Obama Headlines

Joe Biden


Biden told the press yesterday that he would not recommend traveling anywhere on an airplane due to the flu epidemic. Although Biden is probably correct that it is best for families to be cautious and airplanes are a haven for spreading cold and flu viruses. However, the last thing the Obama administration wants to do is to create a panic and hysteria. If all Americans decided to stay inside and not travel it could be detrimental to the economy which is already struggling to recover. The funniest part of this to me is how everyone in the administration is trying to interpret what Biden meant to say. Biden’s message was clear, but the administration is trying to convince everyone he meant to say something that is opposite of what he conveyed. Biden has and always would be a gaffe machine. It is hard to believe, but once Obama added Biden to the ticket it made me dislike Obama more. Right then I knew we would have one of the most liberal administrations since LBJ and FDR. I would have had more respect if Obama chose a moderate such as Evan Bayh from Indiana. At least Bayh was an executor as Governor of Indiana and has some fiscal commonsense that neither Obama nor Biden understands. I could not imagine what a big stink the media would make of this if Palin made the same statement as Biden.


Justice David Souter to Retire


Word is that Justice Souter is going to retire. Obama picking Supreme Court Justices is what scared me most about his Presidency. If you did not read my blog yesterday on “Obama’s Misguided View of the Law” now would be a good time. Even during the Presidential debates Obama made it quite clear that his only litmus test for selecting a justice is their stance on Roe v. Wade. This narrow and shallow view will haunt us for years to come. First of all, I do not think the federal government or the Supreme Court has any standing to rule on abortion, these should be state issues. If Obama is not going to select justices who rule on the Constitution, but rule on biases, agendas, empathy, and politics our judicial system is going down the toilet. This would be a big test for Obama, and I can guarantee that he will fail it with flying colors.


Maine to Pass Gay Marriage


This is an area that I am fairly liberal. If you follow the golden rule to do onto others as you expect others to treat you, then gays should have the same rights as me. I do not understand or condone gay marriage, but I am sure there are plenty of people that do not understand me. That being said, however, I disagree that state governments pass gay marriage. I have seen this trend of state governments and courts passing gay marriage. It has recently happened in Iowa, Vermont, California, and now Maine. I think the states should put gay marriage up for a vote with the people deciding, not the state governments. This happened in California back in November and the people over ruled the California courts and repealed gay marriage by a narrow margin. The states can put these moral issues up for a popular vote every 4 to 10 years.


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