Obama: A National Defense Menace

It did not take long for the Obama administration to cave into the liberal left to release Bush-era memos about torture. He did despite the CIA recommending against it. The CIA claimed that it undermined our national defense to let our enemies know what techniques the U.S. used to obtain information. The CIA is right. By releasing the information it would further alienate the liberal left here and abroad. Obama released the information and said he would not pursue criminal indictments against the Bush administration or any CIA officials that followed executive orders. Obama went to the CIA after releasing the memos to try to smooth things over with skillful orator skills. Maybe it worked, but what was the Obama administration’s motive to recklessly release these documents? He claimed that the information was common knowledge. That is bunch of bologna! If it is common knowledge then why was liberal left calling for the documents to be released. I think Obama’s motives are to appease the liberal left as much as possible. I also think he is using this as a decoy or smokescreen so the media does not focus on the economy or his recent recall of the Washington DC voucher program. Besides, Obama uses any chance he gets to try to taint Bush and the Republicans in the public eye. After all, it makes him look that much better. Although Obama said he would not pursue criminal indictments, however Spain is and Obama may be giving the Spanish government evidence for them to indict Bush. The liberal Spanish government is out of line. If the Spanish are so moralistically superior then why didn’t they pursue indictments against Fidel Castro for torturing Spanish decedents in Cuba? How quickly the world forgets. What did Spain do to the help the U.S. after Al-Qaida attacked us? Nothing! I just do not understand how Bush can be that bad of a wartime President when Truman and FDR are held on pedestals. Truman killed tens of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians with not one but two atomic bombs that incinerated Nagasaki and Hiroshima. FDR imprisoned over one hundred thousand innocent Japanese-Americans during WWII and tortured many of them. Bush imprisoned less than 1,000 enemy combatants and tortured a hand full. Maybe it is not right, but what criticism would Bush have encountered if the U.S. was hit with another deadly attack? It was a tough call and he made it and we have been safe. It is hard to argue against that fact.I personally do not have a problem with Obama releasing the torture memos. My problem is that they only released half the story. Obama intentionally did not disclose documents showing what the government garnered from torturing a few of Al-Qaida’s top operatives. I am thinking it is safe to assume that the U.S. gathered valuable information as a result of their harsh treatment. Otherwise, Obama would have released the information showing that not only did the U.S. torture individuals, but it got them nothing in return. For Obama not to release those memos only shows that his incentive is to appease the liberal left and make Bush and the Republicans look like bad guys. If Obama was not such a polarizing and divisive individual, he would have put partisanship politics aside and set the record straight.

I may have spoken too fast. I read another article that Obama is open to prosecuting those that devised the torture policy in the Bush administration. This is a big mistake. He has no problem prosecuting Americans, but is okay with mending the fences with the worst offenders of human rights around the world: Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong il to name a few. He may as well open the book on Truman, Eisenhower, FDR, LBJ, and Nixon for crimes committed during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. This is the wrong precedent to be sending. Obama just may turn out to be the most polarizing and divisive President of all time.

I wrote a blog a few days back about Obama releasing Bush-era torture memos. I mentioned that Obama unfairly did not release Bush-era memos that told what information was garnered from the torture of a few enemy combatants. I also wrote that for Obama not to release these documents they must show that torture paid off to save American lives. Well, that indeed seems to be the case. It has been disclosed by the CIA that waterboarding produced intelligence that prevented a follow up attack after 9/11 scheduled for Los Angeles. Other reports indicate that waterboarding also gave the CIA over 90% of the intelligence they had on Al-Qaida networks and their operations through 2003. So I guess the big question is: Does Obama prosecute the Bush Administration for torturing a few enemy combatants or does he give them all medals for potentially saving thousands of American lives? It would be smart if Obama would simply let this topic go away, however the liberal left and MoveOn.org won’t make that easy. In a way I am hoping Obama goes after the Bush Administration. First, I do not see how they can win. Second, it will show how divisive and polarizing that Obama is. Third, it will show how liberal and easily influenced by the liberal left he is. This would be a huge political mistake and potentially political suicide for the Obama administration to pursue. It will lead to much more public outrage.Let’s face facts, the Bush administration is not the first administration to push the envelope of the Constitution. FDR closed banks and said they could not be reopened until they were reviewed by the Treasury Department. Let’s not even mention that he tried to pack the Supreme Court with 6 more liberal justices. Truman seized the Steel Mills with an executive order. LBJ started food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, public housing and so forth. These social policies as well as many started by FDR changed the interpretation of the Constitution by our founding fathers from a dual federalism society (one where state and federal governments are equal) to one with a big federal government that over rules any state rights. Nixon was of course a felon and later pardoned for breaking the law. 

One of the big Constitutional injustices claimed by many Americans was the Bush wiretapping laws (FISA). I guess Obama will not go after Bush for this since he voted to approve FISA. Obama is a hypocrite. He criticizes FISA and then approves it. He releases only half of the cherry picked Bush-era documents on torture. It is this type of bipartisan politics that will continue to divide this country. I guess in Obama’s eye it is okay to wire tap Americans without a warrant, but it is not okay to torture enemy combatants. You cannot have it both ways, either it is okay to do whatever possible to stop future terrorist attacks or it is not acceptable to break human liberties and rights. So which way is it Barack?   

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