More Examples of Spreading the Wealth

Here is a comment I got from a reader to my spreading the wealth example blog yesterday:

The problem with spreading the wealth is that anyone for it is going to come back and tell you that what a high percent of homeless are children.

Here are some other instances of spreading the wealth I can think of:
How much do the states and federal government spend on Medicaid, giving money to the insurance companies? How much does it cost to administer Medicaid programs? How much are the insurance companies that contract with Medicaid making versus how much care most kids receive? I know when we had Medicaid, even if we had paid cash maybe it would have been around $100 – $600 per year. I’m sure the state paid way more to the insurance company that contracted with Medicaid. I’d love to see this figure with how much the state pays the insurance companies each month and how much it costs to administer these programs.

Why not do away with Medicaid for usually healthy kids and set up low cost cash only primary care clinics and have them take payment arrangements and private donations and ask hospitals to help too because it will ease the strain on their ER. We should have some low cost specialty type of clinics to care for common ailments in kids, like speech therapy, asthma, and dental care.

What amount of food stamps is used to purchase junk food? I am not against junk food, but more nutrient dense food could be bought at a fraction of the cost. Provide people with whole grains to stay alive, not hundreds of dollars to buy the food of their choice.

Think of the Medicaid savings for pregnancy related care if Medicaid only paid for midwife deliveries in homes or birthing centers instead of hospital only care.

How much does the state pay for in NICU care because the mother was on drugs during her pregnancy? I don’t have an answer for this, physicians have to report neglect to social services and this prevents mothers from seeking care and getting on methadone when pregnant.

How much do states spend on welfare reform/welfare to work versus how much a mother was getting on AFDC? It seems welfare to work is just a bigger expansion of government too because of what they have to spend on subsidized daycare?

How much does the government pay for infant formula and high healthcare cost because the mothers do not breastfeed? I don’t expect a grandmother to lactate, but apart from medication that is incompatible with breastfeeding and a few other circumstances, the government should not be paying for infant formula.

Why don’t we get rid of things like the EITC and the Additional Child Tax Credit?

How much does federal money goes to the states for adoption and foster care? The more children in foster care, the more money the states receive. Remove the incentive. Foster care often results in children being abused at the hands of the state and often adults that come out of it are dysfunctional and have lots of mental and physical problems. Children need a home and should be placed in the care of a relative. Most of the time relatives end up fighting the adoption system to get the child placed with them, it’s ridiculous. We should get rid of the adoption tax credits too.

How much waste goes in the public schools? It amazes me how much they pay for horrible textbooks, when good schools use box curriculum that can be bought for less than $400 and that is the retail price. A box curriculum means all the books and materials are purchased for the year.

Finally, end the academic education for prisoners.

I’m sure anyone working in government could go on about how much waste goes due to spreading the wealth handouts.