Do Obama and Biden Spread Their Wealth?

Obama and Biden do not give nearly as much to charities as McCain or Palin. Palin’s family made 165K last year and gave over 8K to charities. Biden made over 2 million and gave just over 3K to charities. Obama has not helped any of his family members that live in poverty. Maybe if Obama and Biden practiced spreading the wealth by giving to charities they would not require a higher tax rate to spread the wealth. If Obama and Biden gave more to charities, maybe there would not be the big divide they claim between the middle class and the wealthy. What they fail to realize is higher taxes on the wealthy will certainly mean less money to charities that help the poor and middle class Americans. I certainly do not think Obama and Biden practice what they believe and they certainly had not thought about the repercussions of their tax increase on charities. Americans are the most generous people in the world. Obama should know that based on how much money he got for his campaign. If Obama wants to help the poor and middle class, he should set up some charities for them and have Americans give to the cause. This would work better than having the government take money from Americans without understanding the impact on the economy and to individual Americans. Obama calls those that argue higher taxes ‘selfish’, Biden calls paying higher taxes ‘patriotic’. Based on their definition and their charity contributions I would say Obama and Biden are unpatriotic and selfish. Thus, they are hypocrites. It is also arguable as to whether Obama’s contributions to Reverend Wright’s church should count as a charitable contribution. It all depends on how much of that money is used to help people as opposed to using it to promote hate and bigotry. This I do not know the answer.


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