110,000 Dead Iraqis

The liberal count of Iraqis that died from the Iraq War is about 110,000 according to a recent Associated Press article. This equates to about 0.38% of the Iraqi population dying from the war. This is around the same percentage of brave American soldiers that lost their lives in WWII (and the war was not fought on U.S. soil). The only war fought on American soil was the Civil War and nearly 1% of Americans lost their lives in that war! There is no doubt that the toll for freedom is a high one. Let’s evaluate some things that the Associated Press left out of this article. At least 15 thousand of those killed were radical Islamic supporters fighting against the U.S (a very conservative estimate). Over 80 percent of those that died came at the hands of radical Islamic supporters and not from U.S. freedom fighters. These death toll numbers could have been substantially lower had the Democrats not withheld funds and delayed the start of the surge for at least 6 months during the time of heightened violence. This could have saved an estimated 20,000 lives. Also, it is estimated that Saddam Husain exterminated more than 250,000 thousand Iraqi civilians during his tenure as one of the most genocidal leaders of our time (this is again a conservative estimate). Very few nations have been formed in this world without the loss of life and a large amount of bloodshed. Since the United States fought and won its independence more than 2 million Americans have lost their lives fighting for our freedom and the freedom of other nations around the globe. Over 6 million Jews lost their lives during WWII before creating their own nation. Bloodshed and loss of life are an unfortunate part of freedom. It may not seem worth it today, but if Iraq is a stable democracy for years to come, it will be worth the fight and nobody lives would have been lost in vain.Ever since the surge changed the tide in Iraq two years ago, the Associated Press stopped covering stories and we no longer get the U.S. death toll on a daily basis. I suppose the Associated Press got tired of sitting on the sidelines since there was only good news coming from Iraq, they decided to post the Iraqi death toll to once again taint whatever good that has come from the war. This is nothing more than typical biased liberal journalism at its best.

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