The Obama Hypocrisy Press Conference

Here are some observations of the press conference by one reader (Mike Skorcz):Did you watch last night’s press conference? If you didn’t fall asleep, or channel surf over to TV-Land to watch ‘The Andy Griffith Show’, where Barney and Gomer display more sense then Obama, then you may have noticed something quite astonishing.

When addressing the question regarding safeguarding Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal from the invading Taliban, Obama when on to say:

    “I’m more concerned that the civilian government there right now is very fragile and don’t seem to have the capacity to deliver basic services: schools, health care, rule of law, a judicial system that works for the majority of the people.  And so as a consequence, it is very difficult for them to gain the support and the loyalty of their people. …  And I think that there’s a recognition increasingly on the part of both the civilian government there and the army that that is their biggest weakness.”

On foreign policy, in regards to the Bush approach, Obama has equivocally stated that America’s rhetoric has been “arrogant”.  Yet the statement spewed out last night not only had the air of utmost arrogance it was a direct insult, or slap in the face, to a troubled ally facing what could turn out to be a very dire situation. So once  again the Obama hypocrisy is on full display. 

Here are some other observations I took from the press conference:

  1. The media was once again very disappointing. Their vanilla and bland questions were so bad especially the one by the NY Times. It is no wonder they are going bankrupt. The NY Times question about “enchantment and humble” was ridiculous. This reporter lives in NY and the Obama administration just the scared the heck out of the city with a 747 and fighter photo shoot. New York also has the most reported cases of the swine flu. At least ask Obama what that idiotic photo shoot cost the American Taxpayers, especially after he railed Wall Street for being financially incompetent. Talk about hypocrisy. I did not mind the media going after Bush, it is a way to keep our leaders under control. It is beyond me that no one asked about the economy which is the biggest concern. Either the media is afraid of being called racist for asking tough questions or they are so biased they cannot help themselves. If this is how future press conferences are going to go, yes, I would rather watch reruns of Green Acres and the Beverly Hillbillies on TV Land.
  2. Did anyone notice Obama’s subtle comments about how the Republicans are not cooperating? This from the man that did not cooperate with Bush policies. He and his constituent’s interference on troop funding and the surge cost lives. Obama did not even approve the Supreme Court appointees. I am okay if Obama is against the Iraq War, that is his prerogative however, it is the Republicans prerogative to be fiscally responsible and vote against his massive stimulus. Obama should understand that. Once again Obama is being hypocritical if he expects Republicans to back him while he did not back the previous president. This is the unfortunate nature of bipartisan Washington politics.
  3. I am okay if Obama feels waterboarding is torture. This is his opinion and he is entitled to it. However, the comment he made on a few occasions calling waterboarding a “short cut” got me thinking. My follow up question to Obama would be: “How do you know how much time you have before a terrorist attack?” In other words, does he feel he has days, weeks, or months to get information from a terrorist to thwart the next attack? Let’s say the Bush administration over reacted, but how can you blame them. Everyone had reason to believe another attack was imminent. Remember the U.S. not only endured 9/11, but an anthrax scare as well. If I was the president, I would have done the same. Is it best to be safe and violate the human rights of one individual to protect the human rights of thousands or vice versa? It is an easy question to answer for any sane person.
  4. He said he does not want to be in the bank and automotive industries and even said he wanted a small government, but the situation did not call for that. This is a bunch of nonsense! Obama had choices and he chose to bail out banks and the automotive industry. He chose for a big spending stimulus bill. He is opting for national health care. Here I would say Obama is not being hypocritical, but I would say he is flat out lying to the American public. The Democrats have always wanted a big government to pass their liberal social agendas. Obama is using the economy as an excuse to do this. He is doing the same thing that FDR did, who was United States’ worst president. Unfortunately, most liberals feel big spenders like FDR and LBJ were the United States’ best presidents.  More Patrick Bohan Blogs can be found at: http://patrickbohan.blogtownhall.com/. It is the #1 independent blog on the Denver townhall site. My book: Is America Dying? can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes and Noble on line.