Obama will be the Worst U.S. President

Okay, I have seen enough. Yes, I want Obama to succeed, but he has already proven he does not have a clue to what he is doing. To be the worst President in U.S. history he has to beat out the vastly overrated FDR and LBJ and he is well on his way. Here are some major blunders thus far:In my book I admit that Obama is smooth orator. However, I did not realize until recently he uses a teleprompter and is fed facts for all his speeches and press conferences. Maybe he is not as smooth or smart as we all thought. Think of what the left would say if Bush did this. The left always felt Cheney and Rove ran the White House. Well, who is running Obama’s White House?

In my book I say Obama has been a political genius by avoiding taking a stand on tough political issues. However, I am really starting to think he may not have been a genius after all and may in fact have below normal intellect. I think he is simply a puppet doing what Reed, Pelosi, and Emanuel tell him.

As every job market segment in the U.S. shrinks, only governmental jobs are on the rise. A sure sign that we are getting big government. This is the first step towards socialism.

As much as Democrats criticize the Iraq War and its cost, the Obama spending machine has already spent more than the U.S. has paid to date to support both the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

As many blamed the Republicans for using fear mongering tactics after 9-11, the Democrats are doing the same with the economy to sell their huge spending bills. In fact, Obama thinks Americans are so stupid that he is using the economy to sell his socialized health plan. It as if the United States did not prosper without socialized health care the first 230 years of our existence.

Spending and our national debt are out of control. I realize Republicans are to blame for this as well, but the budget this year is ridiculous.

He is already raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest Americans. Even the most liberal Presidents would not do that during a recession.

One of his plans to raise taxes on the wealthy is to cut their charitable contributions. This is insane, especially during a recession. This will certainly affect monies going to charities that help people in tough times. This is obviously a counter productive measure.

Geithner is formulating all the ways to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy. This is the same man that owed the IRS money for nearly a decade before paying it off without a penalty. Charlie Rangel who heads the House Ways and Means committee that writes our tax code has also evaded paying taxes. He too did not have to pay a penalty. I do not think it is an era of new politics to have tax cheats running the IRS and writing our tax codes. I agree the tax code is too complicated. So let’s go to the Fair Tax and be done with Geithner and the IRS.

Obama has moved oversight of the 2010 Census from the Commerce Department to the White House. This is to make sure Democrats can rewrite district lines to ensure they optimize the number of House seats in 2010. This is one way to become a dictatorship and rid ourselves of the Republican Party. According to the Constitution, the Commerce Department, not the White House is responsible for the Census.

Even though his administrations looks likes Clinton’s with the same bunch of cronies, they still have not learned from their mistake of trying to do too much too fast.

Obama tells us to conserve energy and openly criticizes companies for their lavish spending. Obama keeps his office at 80 degrees and spends more money on weekly parties, the inauguration, and food then any of his predecessors. He even wasted money to send Air Force One on a photo shoot over NYC. That is a true sign of a hypocrite. It is okay to critique company spending if and only if Washington is doing the same. That is not case.

In a speech to Democrat House Members, Obama ridiculed and lambasted Republicans with cynicism and sarcasm. Could you imagine if Bush did this? This from the man who said he would bridge bipartisan behavior. It only took him 2 weeks to break that.

Obama has openly said during every public appearance that he inherited the economic problem. He has openly bashed Bush when given the chance. When is Obama going to stop doing this and finally take responsibility? Bush had been nothing but gracious to Obama and his family, it is about time Obama stop being political and treat the former President with respect.

He closed Gitmo without a contingency plan to place the detainees. I do not agree with closing Gitmo, but if he had a plan in place I may agree with him.

Earmarks. Bills are loaded with pork and he said he would put an end to this wasteful spending. He said he would go over bills line by line to cut waste. However, Obama was one of the biggest Earmark abusers when in Congress. So, it is just another lie. I really wish that Republicans would stop placing earmarks in bills. I vote for fiscally responsible Republicans, not big spending Republicans.

Bailout city. I am sick of every idiot and moron getting a bail out. This includes corporations. The auto industry should go the bankruptcy route as should the banks. At first, I thought banks should be bailed out because they are the backbone to our economy. However, once these large banks dry up and fail, this will be an opportunity for some smaller and better run banks to gobble them up. It is the American way. I just wish I was stupid and bought a house I could not afford so I could get bailed out. We are a nation that rewards stupidity, but punishes fiscally responsible people with a larger tax burden. I am tired of hearing everyone’s sob story. This is America, if you are down, brush yourself off and do something about it. If you cannot do anything to help yourself, you should not ask the government for help.

Homeland Security Head Napolitano views on border control is a bit lax to say the least. She too is a gaffe machine and seems out of place.

Obama has openly said he does not base his economic decisions based on how the markets are doing. The markets are the best barometer to measure a healthy economy. Obama needs to realize this and get his act together. This just shows how out of touch he and his administration are. If he wants to help Americans he needs to preserve their 401k’s.

Why is the Obama administration going after Rush Limbaugh? I have never seen an administration so obsessed with a talk show host. The only reason that comes to my mind is that they want to avert the nation’s eyes from their economic policy. The Obama administration should have enough to do than worry about Rush.

Obama is already instituting carbon taxes and caps. Why is Obama so anti-corporation? How are companies going to grow and hire new employees if they always have to fight the government? Corporations will be forced to pass the burden onto consumers. Yes, the already fragile economy and struggling Americans will once again be forced to burden the cost of government blunders. If you are interested in a novel way to address supposed “climate change”, please read my book.

Let’s not forget Obama’s promise to not have any lobbyist in his administration. It is puzzling to me why politicians make so many promises they cannot keep. Anyone who has been in politics long enough knows this is not a promise any Presidential candidate could keep. So why make stupid promises? That is the question. I have no problem their lobbyist in his administration. All lobbyists are not bad people. The idiotic thing is why Obama made the promise to start out with. It simply makes him look inexperienced and quite frankly he looks like a typical politician doing and saying whatever to win an election.

A few things I think Obama has been correct on since coming to office:

He has not run out of Iraq. I am sure he is getting all the chilling and mind boggling security updates on a daily basis and that has changed his stance. It will be interesting to see if the left banishes him for this. Remember the left blamed Nixon for not ending the Vietnam War in a timely matter. Oliver Stone and other far left wingers fail to mention that Johnson got the U.S. in that mess, not Nixon. Thus, if the far left is consistent they should ridicule Obama.

I think he was right to change the Stem Cell research. Although, I do not think this is national issue, it should be decided by each individual state. Hence, I think he is overstepping his bounds as did the Bush administration.

I will give him the benefit that he will not move forward with the left views that Bush Administration personnel be punished for war crimes. Otherwise, he would be committing political suicide. It would be an injustice to go through this witch hunt. How quickly we forget that Obama’s hero FDR imprisoned more that 110 thousand Japanese Americans during WWII. Thousands were tortured to obtain information. FDR is considered one of our greatest Presidents. However, Bush is a monster for his treatment to less than 1,000 Muslims. I hear of all the injustices that have taken place in Iraq, but forget that Harry Truman dropped 2 A-Bombs on Japan. If the U.S. was attacked again under Bush’s watch he would have been ridiculed for not keeping us safe. What is it? Do we want to be safe or are we worried about the rights of a few people? We cannot have it both ways.

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