Obama Suffers from Autophobia

Barack Obama and a majority of Americans suffer from the fear of being alone or autophobia. Thus, most people have this strange desire to want to be liked by everyone even though this is impossible to accomplish. Befriending everyone and his uncle is Obama’s way to ensure his massive ego that he is a morally superior individual. Barack and the first family go out of their way to be liked by showing they are hip. They want to give the impression they are like every other American family even though this it is not remotely true. Why else go on the Jay Leno Show or on ESPN to fill out his NCAA basketball bracket? It is simply because his ego craves the need of being liked. The worst thing about Barack’s autophobia personality is that he so obsessed about being liked he is pushing to incorporate this philosophy in the United State’s foreign policy. Now, Obama goes around the world seeking to be the friend of every rogue nation. This may be noble, but it is extremely dangerous. Besides, I do not understand why Obama is going after the Bush Administration for torturing a few terrorists, but he wants to befriend tyrants that torture, kill, and violate the human rights of their own citizens. It is hypocritical at best.I do not understand this compulsion to want everyone to like us. I am not saying that we need to be rude to strangers, but it is dangerous to try to befriend everyone. In the business world it is great to have a supervisor that is nice and everyone likes. However, nice supervisors generally have a problem making the tough decisions because they do not want to hurt another person’s feelings. Even worse, the nice supervisor may “sit on the fence” or resort to lying by blaming others for unpopular decisions. Does this sound familiar? It should, because every tough decision made by Barack is followed with some statement blaming Bush for the potentially unpopular action such as his 800 billion dollar spending bill. He convinces Americans he had no choice because of the economic conditions he inherited. Thus, Obama is resorting to lying and blaming to push his unpopular stimulus bill because he had many other alternatives other than spending such a great sum of taxpayer money, but he failed to resort to other more realistic options.

I am not rude to strangers, but I am not going to easily become their friend. This world is unfortunately loaded with people that cannot be trusted. A person should have to work to obtain a friendship. There are many people that prey on the good nature of others. In order for a scam to work, a victim must befriend or trust the person that is taking them down. I agree that most people are good, but it only takes for us to let our guard down one time to become a victim. Foreign policy is no different. To enter into a successful relationship with another nation there has to be trust on both sides. Thus, entering into relationships with Pro-Palestine nations, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela to name a few we must trust that they will be holding up their end of agreements and policies. All of these nations have not shown that they can be 100% trusted and if we let our guard down for just one second the end result can be catastrophic. I really hope that Obama treads cautiously when entering into agreements with these rogue nations. The China-U.S. relationship is a good example of two countries that need each other for economic success, but we are both cautious of each others foreign policy. I sincerely hope Obama and his administration do not let their desire for every country to like the United States cost us because they let their guard down.  

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