The JournoList Scandal: Old Media tactics offend but should not surprise

In recent days, the Daily Caller website has released transcripts from the JournoList Listserv.    The JournoList is a private discussion group for liberal journalists and academics. Two items the Daily Caller reported were the efforts by the participants to hide the Jeremiah Wright story by attacking Conservatives by erroneously labeling them racist and the suggestion that the government should shut down Fox News. I want to keep these two examples in mind in the my discussion below.

The transcripts are quite shocking yet shouldn’t be once we realize the nature of Old Media. Chapter 11 of The 29th Day: Solutions in a World of Accelerating Change addresses old versus new media from a CIC/CI perspective.

To review, CIC (Creativity, Information) is at war with CIC (Creativity, Information, Communication). Entities can be defined as one or the other based on their tendencies.

From Chapter 2:

CIC distributes information while CI hides information
CIC focuses on means while CI focuses on ends
CIC uses creativity to overcome restraints while CI uses control to overcome restraints
CIC is a power-generator distributor while CI is a power-generator hoarder

CI without Communication is a power-generator. The dominant characteristic of the Industrial Revolution was success through the concentration of power generated by CI. The transformation of existing systems, and the creation of new systems was based on the principle of concentration of CI-power.

From Chapter 11:

Over the last 10 years or so, Americans, with their personal computers, and the internet are rapidly becoming CIC-driven, as they find themselves increasingly becoming the willing recipients of distributed power. This power is being drawn away from those CI-Structures, that are unwilling or unable to adapt to an exponential world. CIC is in the process of either transforming them … or destroying them. The older Media Organizations were formed in a time when CI -Structures dominated the landscape, when we lived in a CI world. Some of them apparently have been unable to adapt.

The two examples from the Daily Caller’s publication of the JournoList transcripts demonstrate classic CI tendencies. The solutions proposed to the perceived problems the JournoList participants faced were to hide information, consolidate power and control their opponents.

While most of these proposals are linear in nature, there was one aspect that was exponential, at least they hoped it would be. Daily Caller reports that the group hoped that by labeling one Conservative as a racist, they would push his head through a plate glass window – figuratively, of course. That image would cause other Conservatives to fear speaking out.

In the coming days and weeks, it is likely more revelations will come out and, along with additional transcripts, we should not be surprised to find more CI tactics. It is very likely that these tactics will offend us but it should not surprise us. CI structures are predictable and best fought with the light of truth through the distribution of information. Did you notice the weapon the Daily Caller employed to combat the JournoList participants? The Daily Caller fought back by distributing information. That is how CIC wins.