Assumptions from the Left

Time and time again conservatives have been called racists, violent, liars, and cheapskates. I can name so many more names it’s unthinkable. From the Times Square Bomber, to this nutjob. The left hangs on every hope and prayer that it was a Right Winger who did any of these dispicable acts.

The Right Wingers are at home with their families, making dinner, and eating at the table with their children. The right wingers are at church bringing there kids to bible school. The right wingers, like myself, are working two jobs to make ends-meat. NOT ONCE has any tea partier condoned, or advocated violence in anyway. Obama is a socialist, left wingers cannot name a single successful socialist utopia that exists in the world. That is not hate filled rhetoric, that is what we call the truth.

We have facts, truth, and history. Dailykos and so many more liberal blog websites(Huffington post media matters to name a few) are so loose and void in their posts and articles, that any everyday average American citizen can go to google.com, and debunk their lies from a simple search.

It is the left that has continued to hate, continued to spew words and names of aggression and denouncing others in our society. The conservative movement should not stand for this anymore, we have to make a stand in the battle of words and construed opinions, because this is like calling the kettle black in my book on the furthest extreme.

When a blue dog Democrat, who appeared on Fox News earlier said “The debt is our countries #1 threat” gets shot, and innocent people get killed, conservatives reached out in prayer and strength for our fellow Americans. The first thing liberals did was blame the right. That without any doubt shows the American people what they are all about. Not only their character, but their so called “compassion” for others they spew about all day long.

Today showed a disgraceful form of turning something into a political ploy. A tragedy into a chance to talk bad once again about hard working Americans, Soccer Moms, Families, and the ones who live a responsible life, day in, and day out.

Liberals do not care about anything or anyone. Liberals are only about achieving their dream and goals of reaching into others pockets at their own free will. Into turning success of another, into the giveaway for others. I HOPE TO GOD, that people see through their smoke and mirrors. And more people in 2012 go to the polls to end their political existence.

This is a chance for conservatives to unite. Denounce violence like we have so many times. Hold people responsible for their actions to the highest extent of the law. And show the sway voters the condemnation, and truelly hate filled rhetoric the left has without any facts or information.

All the information we have on this shooter…

1. He liked a video on youtube of a person Burning the American Flag.
2. He had a bunch of crazy mumbo jumbo talk on three you tube videos about mind control
3. Former classmates have said he was a far left leaning person, and that he believed in the 2012 conspiracy. Also that he had met Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords earlier at a seperate event.

These the facts. From real people, about this person.