Stop. Pause. Think.

Over the past few months Ive debated posting this, opting for my general rule keeping FaceBook free of political post as much as possible.
It is with a heavy heart that I ask people to please stop and think before posting or commenting.
Not all Republicans are like Donald Trump. Not all Democrats are like Hillary Clinton.
Ive seen people I respect and others I love post things completely out of character against the candidate they oppose while ignoring stark realities of the person they support.
For me, I am facing for the first time in my adult life a time were I cannot cast a ballot for anyone in good conscience. This means if God were standing next to me and staring over my shoulder I could not fill in the dot and not feel lower than low.
Both candidates believe the rules do not apply to them. Both will do what ever or say what ever to get into power. I dare say this is a good chance that if either of them were anyone else under a different name they probably would be in prison.
Point being: please do not sacrifice your personal integrity defending them.
What concerns me greatest, however, is the long term impact the current dialogue our nation is going through.
We are seeing the rise of extremist on both sides, with leaders on both sides playing to these worst fears with no one in power willing to say enough. Yes, that includes “safe spaces,” “triggers,” and “micro-aggression” in addition to building any sort of wall and keeping people of a certain religious type out of this great nation of ours. It is all wrong.
I honestly dont understand how we got here so fast. All I can do is try to teach my family what is right and how to interact with people on a daily basis.
Do I see hope on the horizon? Absolutely. There are glimmers every time people, even those who may disagree on political issues, unite in prayer and compassion for one another. 
It is this which will bring us back together as a nation.
I believe nothing else; no man, woman or law, will right the ship. We must turn our hearts back toward God and love our neighbor as we would our selves.