Why Senator Cruz isn't closing the deal with me.

Yes. I am still undecided.

Yes. I lean Rubio.

With Rubio potentially fading and Trump rising, it may become a necessity  to vote for Cruz. Yet I find it hard to do so. Why you may ask?

Obviously it is not because of his conservative principles. I agree with his campaign that you know where Cruz stands, and that he hasn’t (for the most part) budged from his position.

Is it because he wont fight for those principles? Far farm it. Cruz did stand in the gap on important votes. Unfortunately, Cruz also knows how to raise hell with the best of them and therein lies my issue. It seems that is *all* Cruz knows and understands.

I am looking for someone who will fight for the Constitution and the principles therein. However, I am also looking for someone who knows how to govern, and wants to unite the party.

Do not read that as an endorsement of a squish.

What it does mean, however, is that Reagan was able to unite the party and put together a coalition which spanned from sea to shining sea, and inspire a generation.

There was no “New York” values or balkanization of our great nation. We were all Americans, and there were people within the GOP who got along and respected each other – but also shared disagreement.

Somewhere along the way this coalition fractured.

So the challenge is to unite and move forward. Show me Senator Cruz. Show me that you are dedicated and wish to uniting the party. Show me, Senator Cruz, that you are not a one trick pony who only stops legislation from passing.

Once those items are accomplished, Cruz will have done much to close the deal with me.