Quick note on Romney's Obamacare comment

Working in the Healthcare profession I feel compelled to note a couple of things regarding Romney’s statement yesterday regarding “keeping parts of Obamacare.”

This should not freak everyone out given the context of repeal and replace.

There is about 80% that is god-awful and deserves to be sentenced to die a slow death.

However, there are elements which can work and are actually pro-competition in nature. They are just twisted.


HCAHPS is a tool which moves hospitals toward standardization of processes and helps reduce waste. Under the old system doctors and hospitals received money no matter what the out come.

Plans call for each hospital to receive patient satisfaction ratings. This score which will help determine how much funding hospitals received.

This is a results based way to ensure hospitals are performing and not simply sucking up dollars.

Other items, such replacing the way procedures are coded and billed through ICD10, on the other hand are destructive. Forcing the adoption of such a radically different systems within a year (now delayed to 2014)  would crush hospital systems across this nation. Period.

Yet it is this philosophy which force smaller hospitals to be eaten up by larger ones and degrades our healthcare system. It is another reason why Obamacare must be completely repealed.

At that same time we must not be afraid to argue policy and advocate which systems we know perform better and replace the current process.

I am not certain of Romney’s intentions give his past. However, I would note that he is right about being selective in picking which policy works and retooling it into a market-based system.