On Akin and #mosen

In the last six hours the face of the Missouri U.S. Senate took a turn for the worse.

Akin, with a solid lead in the race against Claire McCaskill made a tremendous unforced error.

Representative Akin made a comment during an interview broadcast this morning that “Women who are victims of “legitimate rape” cannot get pregnant because their bodies won’t allow it.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Yes. It is THAT bad and is five face-palm worthy. It may also provide the change in the race Senator McCaskill so badly needed.

The good news is that Rep Akin was quick to respond and noted that he mis-spoke on the issue and sought to refocus the campaign on what it should be – restoring our country and replacing McCaskill in November.

The bad news is that it happened. In an election such as this we cannot afford to make silly errors like this. We simply cannot.

Now we wait for the consequences in what should have been a lock for a switch from D to R.

Let me remind those out there that unless there is some sort of  Torricelli rule, Akin is our (GOP) candidate. We cannot afford to give McCaskill an inch. Period.

This is not academic for us. It is a matter of reality.

The media is against us and will not hesitate to place the gaffe around Akin’s neck like an albatross to ensure McCaskill is re-elected. One need to look no further than how Jim Talent was treated and recent editorials by the Post-Dispatch as evidence.

Similarly this year, McCaskill gets a pass by the media on nearly every subject which she votes on. Many of those policies are in complete opposition to our will. This includes issues ranging from the stimulus packages to Obamacare. Meanwhile McCaskill’s GOP counterparts were in a word, smeared.

To that end, what is missing from this discussion is governance and serving the will of the people. You know, the same thing our Founding Fathers envisioned. Some how that all gets glossed over.

That is why we are left with this question: Which is worse? Electing a senator who is a real rubber stamp for Obama and who voted in direct opposition to our will, or someone who makes Biden size gaffes?

You decide.