Why Ryan is a good pick as Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney

After months of speculation Mitt Romney announced this morning that Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is his pick as Vice Presidential candidate for the United States of America.

This pick, beyond bringing instant gravitas and credibility on the subject of debt reduction, does three very important things.

First, it unites the base like no other candidate could. What corner of the GOP tent you lay your blanket on, Ryan has your back.

It is because his bold initiatives go beyond deficit reduction. Ryan is a front line fighter with loads of substance ranging from Obamacare to yes, medicaid reform. Whats more, his arguments are not fluff. They are made of substance and not easily dismissed. They stand the tests of time.

The fact that Ryan can unite all facets of the Republican party is a huge element the Romney campaign needed. Romney, being the CEO type, simply could not find the passion. Ryan does this.

Secondly, Ryan can communicate the fact the GOP is a party of solutions, not do nothing.

Much of what the House of Representatives is doing is being drowned out tactically by Democratics. Ryan now posses a megaphone to call this out and explain the dozens of policies passed and stonewalled by the Obama Administration and Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

Ryan, given the national stage, will be able to articulate with passion what the GOP is doing in the House of Representatives to combat problems such as unemployment, deficit and federal over regulation.

Do not underestimate this. People are thirsty for limited government solutions. Many ideas were passed in Congress but held up for partisan reasons – while the President blamed Republicans for partisanship.

Finally, Ryan brings an element of experience on the national stage unparalleled given the topic of this year’s election.

Not Rubio (my favorite), Jindal, Portman or anyone else faced President Obama and various media outlets one on one  on these various topics we are facing today as Ryan did. In each of those cases Ryan proved not just skillful, but classy. This is a talent missing with many president day politicians and it proves to be perhaps the most important element.

As much as I loved Palin in 2008, it was apparent her experience in discussing energy policy on CNBC with Larry Kudlow and Maria Bartiromo did much in preparing for the peppering of questions she received.

Ryan, on the other hand, understands how to bring home the point and brings instant credibility to the debate.

In the end, while Paul Ryan is not perfect, he certainly is the man of the hour which Romney needs.

As someone posted on twitter today, Ryan is perfect fit for Mitt Romney who is the CEO, as a CFO.