The final word on Obamacare.

Many moon ago as people piled on the Bush administration and Republicans for not tackling debt and all other sorts of evil I opined to be careful. Words mean things. Hurtful words, however true, are still hurtful and carry consequences.

The past four years are an exact fruition of self-loathing combined with perfectionism and the belief man is at the center of all solutions.

While Rome burned and good people decided to sit out an election and “give Republicans what they deserved” we arrive at this moment. A moment where our Republic is changed forever and individuals lose the ability to say no.

Obamacare was never about healthcare. Ever.

Obamacare is precisely about the government’s ability to control and regulate behavior. One need to look as far as the regulations telling physicians how and what type of treatment they can prescribe.

Skeptical? The bill is designed to force millions off of private insurance and on to government sponsored care, while dictating what procedures will and wont be covered.

In either case the substance is academic. The point is to control people and limit freedoms and we have no one to blame but our selves.

That isn’t to say the Republican party needed to self-correct or the TEA party needed to rise and take root. Both events needed to happen. At what cost?

In the end people are imperfect beings. Human nature is sinful, save any good which comes from God.

That is why the final word on Obamacare is this: Besides the fact the legislation is the modern day equivalent of the Tower of Babble, we should remember the only perfect man is Jesus Christ.

Similarly, Dont treat the Constitution as God’s word and hold men accountable as one would with the Ten Commandments. The two are distinctly different. Dont even go there.

God help us if we fail to remember those lessons and take them to heart.