We can only talk bad about our selves so long before we start believing it.

Label this as part of my on going series how we (conservatives and Republicans) are failing to play this election cycle with any wisdom or long term strategy.

Last year was bad enough when many of us went for broke on the budget, as a pose to taking a more controlled approach, even though Democrats controlled two thirds of the government apparatus – and the media.

This year is far worse as our candidates for president choose to actively spend millions of dollars trashing each other and inflicting damage on the party and conservative cause in the primary.

If we (conservatives and Republicans) are serious about reversing the past three years and re-introducing individual freedoms as a core principle – we must not continually disarm and demoralize our selves.

I am not asking for intellectual dishonesty or to over look policy. We did much of that from 2000 to 2008 and it hurt.

I am asking for a dose of common sense and serious thought about the long term legitimacy of our movement.

Instead of energizing Americans with a passionate vision of pro-economic growth with an emphasis of individual freedoms, there is a steady drum of absolute negativity. Voters become demoralized and write off the whole process as lost and become disengaged for another cycle.

What some seemingly do not understand is that Democrats were smart in the four or so election cycles in that they did not demand free healthcare for all in 2006 or even 2008. It was only after securing the super majority in 2009.

When Democrats did over reach during the 2009-10 years they pretty much did what ever they wanted to.

Similarly, we must be smart. Instead of demanding a balanced budget amendment now, we must boil the frog and take the small wins until the pieces are in place to hit the home-run ball.

That means we on the grass roots level must be patient and work to securing the legislative pieces to promote freedom and prosperity. This means being patient.

In the mean time, our candidates must think through what they are doing to energize Americans to vote for their vision.

Be passionate. Be willing to take risks for liberty’s sake.

Regardless of what people might believe, ANY of the four candidates left in the presidential race believe in liberty and freedom far more than President Obama.

I look forward to when we can unite around a single candidate and move forward. I pray there might be enough voters who are not discouraged and understand the importance of this year’s election to take action to ensure victory this fall.