South Carolina was about...

Contrary to belief being spun around country tonight South Carolina was not the grass roots “striking back.” Period.

Romney’s campaign, which was leading up until about a week ago, failed on an epic proportion.

Instead of continuing to explain and sell he went into prevent defense mode. Like many sports teams who use that strategy instead of playing to win, lost.

Any candidate who cannot answer simple questions like “are you willing to release your tax returns” and “what if the economy improves” deserves to get no more than single digits. Romney fared better than that and should be thankful.

To equate Newt’s sudden rise, with all his baggage and whopping sixty percent unfavorability, as the second coming of Reagan is both insulting and wrong.

Similarly, to discredit any rise in Santorum’s polling and try to narrow the race as Newt and conservatives vs Romney is equally wrong headed.

There are ten days until Florida.

Romney can either start answering questions and do some of that firing he was talking about or suffer another loss. The choice is his.

As for me, I am still undecided – and feeling pretty insulted right now at how tonight is being turned into a GOP on GOP act of aggression. Count me out.