Take your internal fights elsewhere.

Newsflash to both GOP “establishment” and those who believe they represent “the grass roots”: You both need each other.

One reason I am completely demoralized and sickened over the past few months is best represented by what I am seeing over the past few hours.

At this point I believe neither side wants whats best for America and is only interested in what is best for their power – however limited or grand it is.

The result will be a vastly weakened front against Democrats and President Obama – which can only mean they regain control of the House of Representatives and grow what ever numbers there are in the senate. Hows that for history?

“Establishment:” Let me spell this out to you: for all the wisdom and understanding “how things work” –  you completely miss the why and in the process hurt the very people and nation you are supposed to be protecting. Trying to belittle constructive criticize and having the backs of your constituents is key.

Self appointed Grass Roots Representatives:” Let me be equally clear. Not all of us want a fight with ourselves. Not all of us are looking for perfection in candidates and get that some times you have to hold your nose and vote for the most electable person. Case in point was O’Donnell and whats her nose in Nevada. Yet if we do not act like good sheep and shake our fists on command then we are labeled as RINOs.

Both are wrong and both are picking the wrong time to fight it out.

To label Newt’s win in South Carolina as a middle finger against the establishment is a lie. Period. Quit trying to make it into something it is not.

Simply put, Romney failed on an epic proportion.

So where do we go from here? I don’t know.

I do know both sides have valid points – and yet neither side is adult enough to provide the leadership to try and bridge the gap.

What I do know is the fires I am seeing stoked tonight is precisely what Democrats and President Obama dreamed about two years ago. It is precisely why Minority Leader Pelosi is still in leadership of some form instead of  enjoying retirement.

I urge both sides to stop giving our opponents hope and start acting like real leaders. Give us a way forward.