Open letter to Newt, Mitt, Ron and the other Rick from Perry supporter.

Let me spell this out as best I can: You want my vote, you are going to have to work for it.

I am mad as the devil at how each one of you treated Gov Perry  (and each other for that matter) during the race.

Being honest: Perry’s character and faith far outshines every single person left in this race. Dont challenge me on that notion. It is the honest to God’s truth.

I understand my candidate endorsed Newt Gingrich. That means little to me.

Nothing about you inspires me as being genuine from the soul conservatives which I wold trust the future of my kids with at this point. Period.

Want my vote? You are going to need to work for it.

Childish back and forths disgust me. I want substance. I want answers.

Lets have a long L-D style “debate” to see what you really believe and how you are able to articulate it.

When I ask a direct question – I want an answer.

Finger waving is a minus.

When the media tries to slip in an Obama talking point as a question – I want it called out for being exactly what it is: a trap – while crushing it (the question) with substance.

Most of all I dont want to be pandered to. I want to be respected and not felt as being bypassed on the way to something you – the candidate- feels entitled to.