And now it comes to this.

I’ve spent the last two years warning about violating Reagan’s 11th commandment and focusing on policy – and who can best govern.

Instead the Republican and conservative moment(s) decided to go to war with each other, and to be frank, prove they both deserve the mantle “party of stupid” based on tactical movements designed to maximize power grabs.

It started with mocking of Governor Perry and carried over to the recent knifing in the back and mocking of Speaker Boehner.

The result: President Obama’s approval rating shot up to 47% with an air that every single GOP candidate is incompetent.

Nice job of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

In a year which we cannot afford to make mistakes and must find a way forward and to unite, some how the consensus is we are more further apart than in decades.

So I again implore everyone to think beyond whats best for tomorrow and start to move forward.