Missing the point on Cain, Perry and Rubio

Drama on the campaign trail always adds flavor to the season and provides a sense of story. In recent weeks the media’s obession with destroying several of the GOP’s more prominent (and conservative) political figures provides a sense of desperation not felt in eight years. Whether trying to paint Governor Perry as a racist, Rubio as a liar and Cain as some sort of unethical figure it all leads to a smearing of individuals who threaten the very structure of the political status qou.

The “surprise” revelations ultimately are not geared toward the Republican primary voter, but to discrediting these conservative icons into the abyss of unelectability.

One need to look no further than the Washington Post’s ploy of litterally looking under a rock to understand the depths at which the media, and ultimately Democrats, fear losing this election.

Herman Cain’s situation is similar. While Politico obviously researched elements of the story, they were unwilling to reveal the details of accusation or note payments were closer to severins pay than a “settlement.”  This was done either as a way to either legally force a breach of confidentiality or simply watch Cain’s campaign squirm.

Then there is smear campaign which the Washington Post is running against Rubio. Whether it is to prevent Rubio from serving as a vice presidential candidate or destroy him as a national conservative figure who can help bridge the hispanic voter gap for Republicans is unknown.

What is apparent is like Bob McDonnell or George Allen, the Washington Post is on an all out mission to destroy and discredit Rubio at nearly any cost. Period.

You might say Romney is notably missing. The reason is simple. Team Obama and the media do not feel threatened by Governor Romney on an idealist or campaign strategy level.

That cannot be said about Cain, Perry or Rubio.

Dont look for the same treatment to be given to Democrats either. President Obama is still the media’s stand up guy who they will go to the mat for. Dont doubt that for a moment.