Why GOP debates must drop to four people.

After the last two GOP debates I believe there is a clear case to be made that the forums should drop to four people. Not just on polling data and fundraising, but substance.

The four people I would like to see discussions break down to are Perry, Romney, Cain and Gingrinch.

These four people promote the best substance in the debate.  In fact you could argue that Cain and Gingrinch might be the most entertaining and substanative.

As for Paul, Bachmman (Romney’s new running mate) and Santorum simply do not add any real substance or relevence to the debate.

While I believe all three do bring a unique and interesting qualities, none of them add much to the process beyond taking time other candidates could use to expand on substance. The exception Bachmann a couple of weeks ago when she set a media personality straight about Obamacare. 

So I say, bring on more debates, but lets start whittling the time down so we can get into more substance.