GOP unserious about winning presidential election in 2012

As I scan the morning new over the past couple weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that most Republican candidates are completely unserious about winning the presidential election in 2012.

How can I say such a thing?

Easy. There is more energy being put into knifing each other in the back and building up stalking horses than focusing on policy.

One need to look no further than Mitt Romney proping up Michelle Bachmann during the last debate, and her role in attacking other candidates except for Mitt, as an example.

To be fair, though, I would also offer Herman Cain’s statement about accepting a vice presidential candidate except for Rick Perry.

Add to the fact that in the past few debates the candidates decided to attack each other more than President Obama and did not mentioin Solyndra or Fast and Furious.

Then there is the rush of who wants to be first during the primary season. Everyone wants to be first. Never mind the fact that we need a process with pauses to fully vet a candidate and their process out.

There are valid reasons for each of these occurrances within their own setting.

It is more than depressing, however, to see happen. It forces me into the belief there is a greater concern over an internal power struggle and demand for perfection instead of honestly focusing on what is best for our country.

One wonders if Republicans and conservatives can play things any better for President Obama next year.

Oh wait, did I mention Sarah Palin switching her Face Book status to “conservative” and Rush discussing “breaking up the old team?”