What we should expect from tonight's GOP Debate.

Here we go. Round two.

One advantage Democrats were able to get partial traction from beating up on Bush during many of their debates during 2007. At each turn Republicans and conservatives took a beating.

Fast forward to this election cycle and Republicans get the same chance. Will they take that window opporunity? The TEA Party debate hosted by CNN suggests no.

For all the headlines and questions being thrown out regarding matters Republicans and conservatives care about, our guys spent more time hammering each other, or focus-firing Rick Perry, instead of presenting positive solutions or hammering President Obama.

Instead of hearing about NLRB’s abuse and threatening people who oppose the corruption of union bosses, we heard about HPV.

Instead of discussing how the Obama administration’s issues with operation “Fast and Furious” or subversion of Congress through the creation of Czars, we decided to figure out how it was best “contrast” Social Security reform.

If you’ve got my subtle hint that the last debate had wonderful clash but was short on substance, your right.

This does not mean we should not vet our candidates. We must. That means throw all the questions you can and see how they respond.

This means our nominee must come through with sustantive answers – regardless of what is tossed at them.

What we need tonight is a debate filled with substance which uplifts conservative ideals and hammers home problems we are facing.

This is what we must expect from our candidates. Nothing less will get us to the White House in 2012.