Why Rick Perry is the right man at the right time for President of the United States.

In December of 2008 I wondered not as some national figures if the GOP was dead, but who would take up the mantle of leadership and help lead America in the promise of freedom and restore the approach of limited government as our forefathers envisioned.

I saw few who fit that description. At least none which I sat at ease with.

Along came Texas Governor Rick Perry in 2009, who caught my attention while preaching against an orgy regulatory of chains and government intervention forged by the Obama Administration and Democrats.

It was not just the main stream conservative rhetoric Governor Perry was preaching, but the economic results on display in Texas which contrasted to the rest of the nation’s malaise. While the rest of the country’s employment and economic numbers were hanging on for dear life, Texas was thriving.

It wasnt just a coincidence either.

Governor Perry and the Texas legislature advocated strong profreedom, probusiness policies which attracted business to Texas.

It was as a direct result of those policies that Texas added nearly one million jobs. This contrasts to the failing national economy policy which depends on massive defict spending, which we can no longer afford, to stay afloat.

It isnt just about the economy, though. There were many other facets to Perry which drove me to investigate the man further.

Governor Perry’s committment to state’s rights and the tenth amendment means he understands the importance of the power of states to make change and that all power and knowledge does not centralize from Washington, DC.

Then there is the not so small fact that Perry dots all the “i”s and crosses all “t”s when it comes to social issues like abortion.

Perhaps most importly, though, Governor Perry brings an articulate pro-American optimism which this nation needs desperately. His belief in American exceptionalism and that our best days are still ahead of us are core to what this nation needs.

If you’ve followed Governor Perry since 2009 in hopes that he would run in 2012, you know that the optimism he espouses isnt just campaign rhetoric, but part of his fiber.

Whats more, however, his record proves his ability to lead from the front, not behind or leaving it others to debate.

Governor Perry is a full spectrum conservative leader whose belief in the American people and the promise of our nation is genuine and uniting.

I would ask fellow Redstaters to embrace each other and support Governor Perry as he takes the first step in running for the President of the United States of America and restoring our nation as our founding fathers envisioned it.

We are still the shining city of the hill and hope for freedom which Ronald Reagan spoke of. We just need a reminder. Governor Rick Perry is that reminder.

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