At the risk of losing friends and alienating everyone...

I know a lot of you and are friends with many  more. Ive gotten to live blog here and sit in on live chats during important times in this nation’s history.

I care a great deal about my family, friends and country.

I am greatful for those experiences. Even more greatful for the ear and soap box which this place allows me to speak from. Such is the need tonight and I pray that it still may be afterward.

If people would allow me to be transparent for a moment I would like to pour out burden placed on my heart over the past couple of weeks, which more or less came to a head this afternoon.

Honestly, Ive been getting physically sick over the debate on the debt limit and the direction and form its taken on.

The debate is a very serious matter. It represents the future we all want for our kids and families. It is the reason why I posted repeatedly the need to pass a balanced budget amendment and to work toward positive policy solutions.

Yet, in the end, our political foe sees the matter as a mear campaign ploy. Push the right buttons and the TEA party breaks off and runs third party. Press another set of buttons and those squishies in the middle run away from Republicans. Press a final set  the whole group implodes on command the whole group implodes on command.

This is where we are tonight.

On one end of the spectrum there are Democrats and President Obama with the media parroting their talking points at will pushing for gauranteed tax inceases which would erase the earlier lame duck session compromise. The result, of course, would disasterous for the Republican Party – and rightfully so given why they were sent to Washington in the first place. It is a win-win for President Obama as he would get to keep his raise taxes on the rich campaign promise while nuking the core constituency of the GOP.

The other end of the spectrum are those who believe it is a okay to not raise the debt limit, thereby creating some sort of by default balanced budget in which only vital things are paid for. Folks, these are the things which are made of unicorns and oompa loompas.  When President Obama threatens to cut Social Security and Medicare if he doesnt get his way, you better listen. This is the same President who did not list pay for our soldiers as vital and necessary funding  as a way to up the ante.

Mark my words, President Obama will inflict as much political pain as possible on this nation to get his way with policy. The media will do what ever they can to promote that pain and focus it on the Republican party.

Then there is another part of the spectrum who wants to do things was may be politcally expedient to get the media off their back, but hand over their Constitutional authority to the President. This is equally as silly as all the approaches above.

Of course, what makes matters worse for us conservatives, is the desire to melt down opposition, even if it is friendly, with laser-like accuracy.

Im not sure  when or if people will understand the inherent need for each other – or the consequences if we do choose to continue and throttle each other for our failures – but I am pretty sure Democrats know and get it.

Should we accept failure? Depends on how you define it.

For instance, I completely disagree with Erick that the GOP “failed” to repeal Obamacare. The House of Representatives passed a repeal bill. To some how believe the Democrat controlled senate would repeal Obamacare, and President Obama would sign such a bill is worse than crazy, its assinine.

On the other hand, failing to use every trick in the book to block Obamacare would constitute failure. A failure to even try. Especially given that Democrats tried every rule in the book.

Still, as I’ve said before, I did not sign on to black list people within our own party and movement.

Maybe its just my upbringing and the way God made me, but I tend to look at the person as a whole.

It is one thing to call for a new leader or propose policy. It is another to call for and demand people drop support for and black list other wise good people.

Maybe someone should explain the logic to me in the matter, especially when we are going nose to nose with what I deam a politically ruthless individual.

There is a reason I label my self as a Reagan Republican. I believe in his optimism. I believe in trying my best – yes – to get along with who God puts in my path.

It is a difference between fighting for whats right at the right time and governing.

Yes, we must fight and hold the line. However if presented with a solution which takes us 80% of the way, then we should accept it.

That does not mean I support tax increases, as it would destroy conservatives, Republicans in 2012 as breaking a major campaign promise and what little is left in the private sector economy.

It does not mean I support McConnell’s position of handing Congress’s Constitutional authority over to the President. That is equally as wrong.

It does mean if we get the perverbial one year extension with cuts equallying the amount of debt, I would take it.

It also means that I will respect my fellow conservatives and Republicans without calling for them to be blacklisted, even if I disagree vehemently with them.

Lastly, it means when I face God in prayer I may do so with a clean conscience.