Suggestion: Keep pressure on issues, not on eating our own.

If your anything like my self you’ve been a nervous wreck the past few weeks as the debt issue hurtles out of control and into the realm of obscene comedy.

First there was the possibility of reasonable policy discussion. Then there was the class warefare and insults launched at Republicans. Then there was more discussion followed my more insulting of Republicans, and Americans and large, paired with another healthy dose of class warfare.

As if those hurdles weren’t enough to trip up common sense, we have Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell making one of the most bone-headed manuevers in recent political history.

For those who arent up to speed, Senator McConnell tipped his hand and revealed a “doomsday” scenario in which the President of the United States gets to raise the debt on his own terms, without need to make cuts or offer concessions, in an effort to divert a government default.

The only thing worse than the proposal its self, was the timing – this afternoon – when a wave of negative news was hitting the wires regarding people’s rejection of President Obama’s apparent decision to try and threaten Congress into accepting bigger government.

The net result was a much deserved outrage.

However, as upset as I am in such a piece of legislation which would remove the exact reason why voters put the GOP in charge of the House last November, I am equally upset about those who might eat our own.

Now is not the time to split up and combat our selves. Not when the stakes are so high.

This budget show down is the perverbial hill to die on. It is what so many Americans tasked the Republican party to deal with.

With that in mind I would suggest for everyone to close ranks and stick together.

This is what seperates those who simply want to burn and blow up things for the sake of fun and those who want to move policy forward constructively. One only need to look at how President Obama addressed Republicans over the past couple of weeks as a reminder.

In contrast Speaker Boehner, and others, are classy and refrain from stabbing each other – and those who they are trying to broker a deal with – in the back.

Similarly while we should cry out and let our voice be known that while the McConnell proposal may be well intentioned and opposed, our focus should be on Democrats and President Obama.