Dear Democrats and President Obama. What part of broke do you not understand?

Dear Democrats and President Obama,

I know you guys seem to believe its all cool to demand some sort of new tone in politics while calling your opponent’s policy as immoral or try to humulate them to their faces in front of the national press.

Guess what.

Because of your absolute insistance on increasing spending, instead of reigning in and cutting an already out of control budget, the dollar may be sunk as a reserve currency.

The impact would lead our country’s economy to the point where it would be crippled for generations to come. Is that what you want?

While I suppose I should leave the conspiracy theories to  Glenn Beck, one wonders if he is accurately describing your  “lead from behind” philosophy and attitude toward this great nation. Dare I ask if you understand what last November was about?

In the end I suppose it matters not. After all, every proposal being floated in the media demands more spending and greater expense to those of us who flip the bill – both from experiencing higher prices and more money taken out of our take home pay.

I would ask for any of you still reading this article to follow this single piece of advice: Try to run a business which does not recieve a penny from the government. Doesnt matter whether it is a good or a service. Just do it.

Once you experience the successes and failures, and more importantly how to run on a balanced budget, then lets come back and talk.

Until then I expect you to understand so very little of what we, the people are demanding. This is unfortunate and it only hurts our country.

I pray this changes before its too late.