President Obama's Afghanistan End Game

Over the past few hours media outlets across the spectrum are discussing the expected announcement of the withdrawl of around 30,000 troops from Afghanistan tonight.

I cannot wonder if what we are seeing play out is soley an effort for President Obama to boost his sagging poll ratings, especially with the bulk of the draw down to occur late next summer.

What we may be seeing is the complete opposite of President Bush’s strategy in Iraq.

Whereas President Bush focused on winning in Iraq and refused to bring troops home in the face of public opposition; Obama appears to favor more politically saavy decisions with re-election in balance.

Whats more, while the Taliban seems to be to be “intact,” the operational term used at the end of the day by the Obama administration and those in the media is that the main “objectives” are “accomplished.”

Are they? I, personally, am not sure.

There can be no doubt that anyone with an ounce of common sense is war weary and wants to see our men and women home. Yet, should we dial back our forces in haste and without regard to what is occurring on the ground?

Due to the media’s lack of reporting on Afghanistan I can only rely on views of soldiers I talk to who come back from the region. Everyone I talk to at this point tells me it is still a mess with little hope given from their Commander in Chief.

Sadly, members of the media are already seeking to knight President Obama as some sort of “super man” of national security. A “steady hand” as Gloria Borger, CNN’s chief political analyst announced this afternoon.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth.  One need to look only at the policy tracks taken with giving Iran cart blanc while threatening Israel. All while running wars in countries without Congressional Approval.

That is what concerns me most about tonight’s announcement.

Of course only time will tell if we are fleeing the scene of a battlefield for the sole purpose of raising President Obama’s poll numbers increase.

I will equally remain skeptical regarding the plan until I hear from generals and soldiers on the ground that this was the right move for the right reason.