Dear National Jewish Democratic Council: President Obama was wrong to change policy on Israel.

One of the more interesting articles crossing my desk the past few days is a column by Ben Smith regarding a bipartisan meeting of  Jewish interest groups with Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I simply could not help but snicker at how Smith tried to play up perceived Republicans attempts to drive Democrat and Jewish interest away from Israel – citing comments from the Jewish Republican executive director Matt Brooks.


I agree with Democrat Representative Steve Israel that there should be a bi-partisan unity event to re-enforce common ground between the groups and emphasize support of Israel. However, it would be silly to blame any developed policy wedge on Republicans and any desire to soley score political points against President Obama.

The core policy change which sent shocks to our nation’s core was created in a speech by none other than President Obama last week.

President Obama’s proposal to retun Israel to its 1967  borders as a key tennent to peace in the Middle East is either sadly uninformed, meant as a brutal insult, or both.

If Democrats elect to fall in line and support President Obama, then it is their fault that support for Israel becomes a partisan issue. Republicans and Jewish supporters cannot and should not be blamed as being partisan hacks for opposing such a radical change in policy.

Democrats who believe they can support President Obama’s demand for Israel to give up Jeruselm and large swaths of its territory with no political repercussions and are mistaken.  It may be one reason why Minority whip Steny Hoyer disagrees with the idea.

He, like many Americans, seem to understand we should support our long term ally Israel. We should not throw our friends under the buss in an effort to appease terrorist.

In any event, tomorrows address to Congress by Nentanyahu will be worth the price of admission. Our elected officials will be able to come together and support that shining light of freedom in an other wise chaotic region.

If there is a division, however, Democrats can only blame President Obama and themselves.