One word: Relieved

Across the world one item was more likely than not the topic of conversation: the demise of Osama bin Laden. Most, here in the United States of America, were in a up-beat and near celebratory mood. After all, it is not every day that one of the world’s most evil and menacing figures ends up assuming room temperature.

For me it is a simple matter of being relieved. Not that threats no longer exists against America and freedom loving nations across the world,  they do.This is a special case, though.

For a man who tormented millions across the world and spread hate on an unprecedented scale for twenty years it, it is hard not to crack a smile while slumping back in one’s chair and reflecting.

Over the past few hours I cannot think back but to wonder what our world would be like without 9/11. One can dream, right?

Such is not the case however. The war on terror is certainly not over. There are goals which need to be secured and at least two individuals who need to be dealt with who were central to this global conflict.

  • Al-Zawahri and Mullah Omar are still lurking and must be dealt with.
  • Pakistan must explain how bin Laden was hiding in plain sight.
  • Afghanistan must stablize and not become another safe haven for the Taliban to not recruit and train again.

I pray for the quick achievement of those goals so our lives and focus, already changed forever, may return to reinvigorating our nation.

For the moment, though, I will take this brief pause and be thankful for the opportunity to rest. There may not be that opportunity again for some time.