What are we to do now? Really.

Let me make this as brief and to the point as possible. In a high stakes policy show down which our nation cannot afford us to fail we are playing dumb. Real dumb.

Its as if there is some insationable desire to do precisely the wrong things at the wrong time as if maximize the advantge of those who seek to keep our nation shackled in debt and restrained by the bondage of big government.

Let me be clear: begging for a government shut down is akin to hand the keys of the House of Representatives back to Democrats. I know it is tempting to just pull the plug on government,  but our troops and the families of the people who work for the federal government deserve better. Our nation deserves better.

Similarly it is morally irresponsible to default on our debt. Period.

We all want to limit how much the government spends, and if you are like me, feel that there isnt a blessed thing that can be done at the moment. Defaulting on our national loans by telling the world that our country has no intention to pay for its programs will do nothing more than turn us into another Greece – and finish off what Democrats started five years ago when they took over Congress.

Like a bug attracted to an electric zapper, we conservatives seemingly without thought charge into this policy with the best intentions.

The results, however, seem to do nothing more than play into the hands of Democrats and President Obama.

What was a win and positive move in the budget process now looks to be nothing more than a charade put on to try and cripple the GOP in the public eye. We, unfortunately, are all too happy to oblige. Its as if we want our leaders to fail – for what ever reason. No good can come of this, no matter how one wishes to spin such incidents

So what now? Make Democrats pay in reforms every step of the way. No matter how small or big until we make headway.

We, the citizens of this great nation spoke last fall, and made it clear that government should be smaller. This means starving the beast; not fattening it up by raising taxes and giving it a larger percentage of GDP to live on. The money is no longer there.

However, the two biggest policy battles in my life time are about to take place and instead of strengthening our side, it seems our side elected to discredit its self. This is troubling.

At a time when our attention should be focused on how to defeat the forth coming proposal from President Obama, we are focused on how bad a deal our leaders got in the last confrontation. In effect we are weaking our hand.

Yes, we should hold all of our elected officials into account and we should not hide from the truth of policy. We must know all the facts and details if we are to make better decisions in the future.

Similarly we must also acknowledge that Democrats retain control of the Presidency, Senate and media. If we are to be honest with our selves, we know Democrats still hold the keys to power in many ways. Last November simply put the breaks on the runaway train.

It is now time to work to move the ball forward, together, smart.