Early impressions for President Obama's 2011 SoTU: Highly partisan, hypocritical.

I just got through listening to a round of reports previewing tonights State of the Union Address as given by President Obama. A few things come to mind:

  • In the face of losing an election on historic scale President Obama is apparently in the mood to demand relevance by claiming “we will move together forward or not at all.”The arrogance of such a statement cannot be underestimated given the past four years Democrats were in control of the two legislative wings and the tone which they maintained control. Whats more, over the past two years, President Obama himself was about as partisan and insulting to Republicans and those who opposed his ideas and policies as anyone can be. To now claim the mantle of “bipartisanship” and demand relevance after being soundly defeated last November is shameful at best.
  • The demand for out of controlled spending is beyond the pale and is another slap in the face of American citizens at large.The call for a “freeze” of discretionary spending (as Obama called for last year) with no cuts in programs lead to a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit (and a 4 trillion dollar budget). To point at such irresponsibility as way forward is not only laughable, it is insulting to the American public and the message (and messengers) we sent.
  • Citing American innovation in the past and our progress after “Sputnik” is laughable in the face of President Obama’s decision to destroy American access to space. If current plans stay into place we will no longer have any access with no solid plan for a replacement vehicle.For those who do not understand the implications: after this year if we want to put a man into space we must rely on the Russians. Whats worse is that there is NO PLAN TO REPLACE our way back.

    Anyone find the irony in Obama citing our response to the Sputnik launch as an example of American innovation while he destroys the very heart of the program which achieved that success? Then again NASA is not the only American icon Obama destroyed. It just so happens that he is using the example in a speech.

In totality I find the message not only hard to swallow but insulting to my intelligence as an American citizen.

If President Obama was truly listening and interested in moving forward together there would be serious policy proposals for cutting entitlements in addition to breaking the shackles he and Democrats threw onto business over the past two years.

Alas, that is not what Democrats or the President wants to do apparently.

From what I am hearing and reading President Obama will not be “pivoting to the middle” as media outlets are saying. President Obama apparently is interested in nothing more than the same freedom stifling, budget busting, Cloward-Piven driven proposals wrapped differently.

As such, unless something radically different happens, we should view tonights speech as nothing more than an insult to American citizens. It is a message to us, the voter, is its either may way or the high way.