Dear GOP, we didnt vote you in power to participate in a match-making service.

I can only hope and pray that those who we, the people, sent to the hallowed halls of Congress may read this short repudiation of warm-fuzziness bubbling up at this year’s State of the Union address.

I would like to remind them, and those who are left over from the previous years, that we sent you to Washington with a purpose. Playing as a political prop for the destruction of our individual rights and liberties is not on the list.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with honest to God civility. I do miss the days, as Reagan stated, after six people could be friends (and in a larger sense Americans).

However it is equally clear that the Democrats who remain in Washington do not share this point of view. In short, you sitting next to them during the State of the Union event is nothing more than a show prop meant to prove “Obama is changing the tone” when the truth is completely different.

Take, for instance, the instigator of this whole fiasco is being arranged by Senator Udall. Yes, the same senator who is seeking to remove the minorty’s right to fillibuster.

These are the same Democrats who are seeking to open up correspondence between Representative Isa and businesses who are providing insight into what hurts their business competitiveness.

Not to be out done, these are the same Democrats who are seeking to force the Senate into removing the indefinite anonymous hold rule and letting dozens of political appointees go by without so much as a single hearing or look over.

In short please pay attention to substance. We voted you, our representatives, into office as a check on an out of control government; not to cuddle with those who might do our freedoms harm. Repeat, we sent you to Washington to make a difference, not join a dating service.