What should concern us regarding John King's apology.

While some people are laughing at <a href=”http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/01/18/cnn_apologizes_for_guest_using_term_crosshairs.html”>CNN’s John King for apologizing</a> at their use of the word “cross-hairs” when discussing candidates, I cringe at the larger implication.

It would be one thing if CNN’s commentators were using F bombs to describe elected officials or making death threats against individuals, but they were not. Commentators were using a simple metaphor for putting a candidate in focus. It is the same thing millions of people in this country do every day since before its inception.

What concerns me is the seeming forced censorship of a commonly used term or phrase. What if another term, say liberal, progression, or even conservative becomes some sort of hot phrase? What happens then?

Being someone who values common sense above silliness I see the move by CNN to self-sensor such phrases as not only pathetic, but a unapologetically antifree speech in nearly every sense.

However it must be emphasized that this is a move by CNN, not by some government regulation. The difference is very important and should not be over looked.

Still, it worries me how many more phrases or words may be shuffled out of our language due to some sort of political expediency.